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Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Healthy During Summer



Tips and Tricks to Keep Yourself Healthy During Summer

Do you want to know the tips and tricks of the fitness plan this summer?? Of course yes, We all want to know. As we know, summer is a season of Vacations. We go with our families, friends and enjoy at beaches, swimming in the pool, play with sands, go for BBQ. But summer is also a season of illness. So here you will know how to keep yourself healthy in summer.

1. Be Hydrated

Water or any other fluid helps us to stay hydrated. But during summer, our body loses fluid called sweat because of high body temperature and it causes dehydration. Note: Drink 1 glass of water after every hour, which will help you to stay hydrated. Because the more water you will drink the more you will be hydrated and will enjoy your summer.

2. Wear Light Clothes

During the summer, it is dangerous to wear heavy clothes. It will cause high temperature of your body and sometimes this high temperature can lead to death.

3. Wear Sun Glasses

Sun Glasses are worn as a fashion accessory but during summer, the sun releases Ultraviolet rays (UV) which is very dangerous to our eyes. So sunglasses protect our eyes from UV rays.

4. Stay Out From Sun

Stay out from sun doesn’t mean that doesn’t go for an outing but during intense summer, don’t go out from 11 am to 4 pm because sun releases some dangerous rays like UV which is not good for our eyes but even for our skin. Some study suggested that UV lights can cause skin diseases like skin cancer.

5. Use Sun Screen

Use sunscreen to your body will protect you from sun dangerous rays which will cause skin diseases.

6. Eat Healthy Food

Eat healthy food in fitness plan is very important because when you some healthy food, it gives you energy and prevent you from hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar) and from other problems and you can enjoy your summers. Note: Don’t eat heavy food because it increases body temperature.

7. Sleep Well

According to scientific research, sleep 8 hours a day makes you healthy. If you don’t do it, you will feel lazy all day, and you will not able to do anything so your summers will be boring. Sleep well so you can enjoy as you want.

8. Drink Fresh Juices

Water makes us hydrated but fresh juices also play an important role. Drink fresh juices during summer can make you fresh and make you feel cool.

9. Avoid Alcohol

Makes body dehydrated so avoid alcohol in summers.

10. Use Some Salt in Juices

It is looking like strange, but when your body releases sweat, our body salt is also released from the body which causes low blood pressure.

11. Don’t mix with heavy crowds

Don’t go with heavy crowd because during summer and because of a lot of people, you can easily be suffocated.

12. Don’t Do More Work out

Because of the hot season, more workouts make you dehydrated. Enjoy your summers but be careful and Go with Fitness plan so YOU CAN ENJOY YOUR SUMMERS!!

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