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Top 5 Health Benefits of Tennis



Health Benefits of Tennis

According to a study, tennis brings a plethora of health benefits. Aside from lowering body fat percentages, having a positive impact on your bones and providing you with a full-body workout, tennis will also have several psychological benefits and make you want to continue playing it for years to come. Not only will you feel good in your own skin but you’ll look amazing too, and reap various other benefits if you keep playing tennis in the future.


Enhances flexibility, balance, and coordination

Since tennis requires the entire body to move, it means that all body parts must be coordinated with each other. You’ll need to put your feet in the right position, the racquet needs to be held in the proper way and positioned flawlessly against the ball in order to achieve a perfect shot.

Tennis is good for your brain too

The torso and legs use all the power they have to send the ball flying over the net and playing regular tennis will make you do all that without a mistake. Tennis also helps your eye-hand coordination because you’ll need to estimate the timing between the on-coming ball and the proper contact point. Constant stretching and maneuvering that you’ll use to return the ball to your opponents will improve your flexibility. With higher flexibility, you’ll have a higher range of motion which will in return prevent serious injuries. Thanks to moves such as angled volleys, drop shots and lobs, tennis will help you master fine motor control.


Tennis benefits the bones as well

Aside from having positive effects on your muscles, tennis is also very beneficial to your bones. You can increase your peak bone mass significantly if you start practicing tennis daily. This will in return slow the rate of bone mass loss over time. After you reach 30, your bone mass will start to decrease unless you’re taking care of your physical activity. So, be sure you grab that racquet and start swinging to maximize your bone mass and build strong bones.


Full-body workout

One of the greatest benefits of tennis is that offers a full-body workout. You’re running, swinging, crunching, jumping and all that for several hours as one match can last.

Full-body workout

That’s more than enough to offer you some serious fat-burning and allow you to have a fabulous figure. Thanks to hitting moves, you’ll work out your abs as well, preventing that belly fat from accumulating ever again. That’s why you should get your tennis skirt and a racquet put on your tennis shoes and start swinging to get the most of this amazingly beneficial sport.


Burns calories

Speaking of fat, precisely because it’s a full-body workout, tennis will allow you to burn all the calories you have consumed before practice. Running, swinging, reaching, pivoting, this will all help you burn a lot of calories due to the constant moving. Additionally, you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness and maintain higher energy levels. Tennis can actually burn more calories than other types of physical activity, such as leisurely cycling, weight lifting, golfing, dancing or playing volleyball. Singles tennis can burn between 400-600 calories an hour. That’s not bad for a recreational sport that’s both fun and can be played by just about anyone.


Tennis is good for your brain too

Tennis isn’t just good for your physical, but for your mental health as well. Namely, playing tennis will help you develop discipline because you’ll constantly learn to work on your skills in practice and control your pace. Furthermore, you’ll work on your competitiveness and learn to admit defeat but still work on improving your skills every day. You’ll manage mistakes much better by learning to play within your abilities. Tennis will also help you realize that managing and minimizing mistakes is critical in life just as much as it is in tennis. By competing in tennis, you’ll handle the ups and downs of a competitive world much better. You’ll learn to face victories and defeats with equal grace instead of gloat or resentment. Developing social skills and learning more about teamwork will also be a huge part of your tennis knowledge.

Enhances flexibility, balance and coordination

Tennis is a wonderful sport for anyone who wants to have a full-body workout that will actually be an enjoyment. Instead of spending hours at the gym, feel free to invite a few of your friends to a tennis match. Whether you compete in singles or doubles, you’ll reap loads of benefits and make sure your health is in check. Play tennis regularly to improve both your physical and psychological skills and live a long healthy life.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in social media and latest business technologies. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.