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Utah-based Plastic Surgeon Offers Surgery to Patients Who Experience Frequent Migraines



Dr. Nicholas K. Howland

Draper, Utah – According to the Migraine Research Foundation, roughly 1 out of every four American households has someone who suffers from migraines. A person with migraine will experience a recurring headache that gives them throbbing pain. Severe migraines may include additional symptoms like weakness, light sensitivity, and nausea.

The average doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and nerve pain medications to patients suffering from chronic migraines. However, there is a plastic surgeon from Utah who believes migraine surgery is the best treatment method. While that may seem like an extreme treatment method to some people, it can be effective for some patients if all other treatment methods have failed. 

“Migraines occur because the vessels and nerves in the head become irritated and compressed,” said Dr. Nicholas K. Howland, MD of Howland Plastic Surgery in Draper, Utah. “If the compression can be relieved at various trigger points in the head, then the frequency and intensity of migraines can be significantly reduced. It all depends on the anatomy of a patient and the specific trigger points that cause migraines to occur in their head.”

Dr. Nicholas K. Howland is one of the only plastic surgeons in the state of Utah to offer migraine surgery to patients. As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Howland is used to altering the appearance of his patients by performing breast augmentation, facelifts, skin tightening, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic procedures. 

Migraine surgery is a form of reconstructive surgery on the head that specifically targets the causes of migraines. Unlike traditional cosmetic procedures, migraine surgery may be covered by health insurance if the patient’s migraines are significantly impacting their health and quality of life

“The ideal candidate for migraine surgery must have a neurological diagnosis first,” Dr. Howland said. “If all other migraine therapies, medications, and treatments have failed for a patient, then they will be referred to me for migraine surgery. As long as a patient is in good physical health, then the treatment can be done.” 

Dr. Howland strives in making patients feel better. His own practice revolves around feelings even more than appearances. The typical patient who wants plastic surgery is looking for a cosmetic procedure that’ll make them feel better about themselves. This could be someone who wants a face tightening procedure to smooth out the wrinkles on their face or a transgender person who wishes to look more like their identified gender.

In cases where reconstructive surgery is needed, patients often suffer from physical conditions that make them disabled or feel extreme pain. In addition to migraine surgery, Dr. Howland can also perform carpal tunnel surgery, cubital tunnel syndrome, and reconstructive hand surgery. 

“Many people think plastic surgery is just about vanity,” Dr. Howland said. “But for many people, plastic surgery is a form of medical treatment that allows them to live a happy and productive life again. That is why I am proud of the work I do for patients who are in pain and look to services for relief.”

Dr. Nicholas K. Howland is highly dedicated to providing superior patient care at Premier Plastic Surgery’s plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic services center in Draper, UT. Dr. Howland sets himself apart from traditional plastic surgery practices, offering custom-tailored surgical and non-surgical plans for your aesthetic and medical needs. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation.

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