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Water vs. Toilet Paper: Improve Your Health as of Today



Water vs. Toilet Paper: Improve Your Health as of Today

The world is not only divided into the Western and the Eastern hemisphere geographically but culturally as well. This difference runs so deep that even a typical toilet in Japan, for instance, is different from the one in the States or in Australia. Toilets in the East are equipped with a fixture that has a negative stigma attached to it in the West: the bidet. Although first bidets that appeared in medieval France were cumbersome and hard to use, the modern concept of a bidet is a far cry from the original wooden design. Sounds funny but the more bidets get installed in Australian bathrooms, the more will the world resemble a single entity.

Hand vs. toilet paper

If we had to choose one difference between a bidet and a conventional toilet bowl, then that would definitely have to be the cleaning method. We are all used to using toilet paper to the extent that we deem wiping our bottom unimaginable with it. Using our hands and water neighbors barbaric, although it doesn’t have to be so. In reality, this method of wiping is actually more sanitary than using toilet paper. The biggest and the only “problem” with using a bidet is the fact many people are just too shy to use their hand. This is not a real issue and after a single use of a bidet, the fear is dispersed.

A roll or two?

One might think that installing a bidet is completely unnecessary because they don’t use that many rolls of toilet paper, do they? Well, there are 83 million rolls of paper being produced each and every day. Have you ever set on paper how much rolls does your household use each year? Once you do the math, you will be surprised by how much do your toilet seat habits cost your family budget and the planet. Firstly, you lose hundreds of dollars on unnecessary paper and secondly, trees need to be cut down for you to feed your need for toilet paper. So it is not a roll or two less that we are speaking of but much more. Just imagine what the environmental impact would be if the entire population of our planet switched to bidets, doing away with the need for toilet paper altogether.

The issue of health

We are all self-centered, so saving the planet and our money comes second to preserving our health. Toilet paper is rough, regardless of the percentage of celluloses, it is made from. The surface of the hand, on the other side, is much softer, and once you add water to the equation, you get a frictionless wiping. If you stick to toilet paper (pun intended), then after a while you and your family members may develop skin issues, depending on how irritable your skin is. People who have had such a nasty experience have long ago switched to using a bidet because it won’t worsen their condition. It might not be a cure but it most certainly doesn’t irritate the skin further.

Being cool

Before you write off the bidets as a quaint bathroom fixture, you should know all the different forms it comes in. There are bidets that are small enough that they can be attached to a standard toilet seat so you can take them with you on your travels. Furthermore, many bidets come with the option to regulate the power and the warmth of the jet of water. Add a toilet seat warmer and you’ve got yourself the ideal scenario for a region with a colder climate. It’s mind-blowing what you can order in an online bidet shop and have delivered to your doorstep. Did you know that there are even LED lights that are installed inside the bowl and can be used to illuminate the entire room? Say, how cool is that!

Sensitive groups

So far, we have only discussed the general populace and whether people should opt for a bidet or the conventional toilet bowl. In fact, this dilemma only exists if you are healthy, as people with hemorrhoids and the irritable bowel syndrome have only one option available to them: the bidet. In addition to these groups, pregnant women and the elderly can also benefit significantly from using a bidet. Any person who has issues with upper-body mobility can benefit from using a bidet. It takes so much less acrobatics to wipe your bum while sitting on a bidet versus a toilet bowl.

Because we live in the Western hemisphere, the question of whether to use a bidet or a conventional toilet will forever remain resolved. However, you are the supreme lord of your household and your bathroom in particular. This gives you the power to at least try and see how does water measure up to toilet paper. Trust us, after a single week of using a bidet, you will never again return to costly and rough-surfaces toilet paper.