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What are the Eustachian Tubes, and Also How can they get blocked?



What are the Eustachian Tubes, and Also How can they get blocked?

The Eustachian (state “you-STAY-shee-un”) tubes join with the middle ears into the back part of the throat. The tubes help the ears drain fluid. They also keep air pressure from the ears at the right degree.

When you swallow or yawn, the tubes open briefly to let air into to make the pressure at the middle ears add up to the pressure outside the ears. Sometimes negative pressure or fluid gets stuck in the middle ear. The pressure outside the ear gets overly significant. This causes ear pain and sometimes trouble hearing.

What causes blocked Eustachian tubes?

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Swelling from the cold, allergies, or a sinus infection can keep the Eustachian tubes from opening. This leads to pressure changes. Fluid may collect in the middle ear. Pressure and fluid can cause pain. You also can have ear pain from changes in pressure while you are flying in an airplane, forcing up or down mountains, or scuba diving. Fluid from the ear can lead to an infection (acute otitis media).

What are those symptoms?

  • Blocked Eustachian tubes can cause several symptoms, including:
  • Ears that hurt and feel full.
  • Ringing or popping sounds in your ears.
  • Hearing problems.
  • Feeling a little bemused.

How are blocked tubes diagnosed?

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms. They will look on your ears. A doctor also may check how well you hear.

How are they treated?

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Blocked Eustachian tubes often get better by it. You may find a way to open the blocked tubes with a simple exercise. Close your mouth holds your nose and softly blows as though you are blowing your nose again. Yawning and chewing gum also may help. You may hear or feel a “pop” when the tubes open to make the pressure equal between your inside and outside your ears.

In the event that you fail to open the tubes, your doctor may suggest an over-the-counter pain medicine. When you have allergies, your doctor may prescribe a steroid medicine that you spray in your nose. Decongestants that you take by your nose or mouth may be helpful. You may need Anti Biotic when you have an ear infection.

A warm heating pad set or face cloth on low can help with ear pain. Set a cloth between your heating pads along with your own skin so you don’t burn up your own skin. Do not use a heating pad with children.

In some cases, people need surgery to get a blocked Eustachian tube. A doctor makes a small cut from the eardrum to drain fluid and also to make the pressure exactly the same inside and outside the ear. Sometimes a doctor will set a small tube at the eardrum. The tube will fall out over time.

How can you prevent your Eustachian tubes from getting blocked?

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When you have allergies, speak with your doctor about how to treat them accordingly your sinuses stay clear along with your Eustachian tubes stay open.

When you are in an airplane, you can chew gum, yawner beverage liquids during take-off and landing. Try the exercise where you lightly blow while holding your nose shut.