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What are the Right Known Mistakes in Hair Transplant?



What are the Right Known Mistakes in Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant Specialist İrfan İlek explained the well-known mistakes in hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Specialist İrfan İlek, who says that people who are prejudiced against hair transplant due to known mistakes when it comes to hair transplant, actually get the look they want after a successful procedure, states that every treatment is unique to the person and that the necessary tests should be performed before the treatment and the hair transplant operation should be started.

Hair transplant operations, one of the most frequently applied aesthetic applications among men, restore both lost hair and self-confidence. The success of this operation, which is performed in accordance with the hair type, face form and root quality of the person, is possible by entrusting the person to the right hands. Hair Transplant Specialist İrfan İlek, who says that patients are often worried because of false information they hear from others or read on the internet, or that they want impossible results, tells about the well-known misconceptions about hair transplant in order to avoid information confusion.

Is Hair Transplant Done in Summer?

Although most people think that summer is not suitable for hair transplant, hair transplant can be done even in the coldest winter or the hottest summer. The time does not matter for this operation, the important thing is that the person can protect himself from the sun for 4 weeks. In particular, hats and caps that do not come into contact with the operated area are recommended for patients.

Can Hair Transplant Be Applied to Thin Hair?

One of the most common misconceptions is that people with fine hair will not undergo hair transplant. However, it is possible to have hair transplant in these patients by applying more grafts. The important thing here is that the doctor determines the right treatment approach by analyzing the hair. The next is healthy hair that will be used for life.

Should All Hair Loss Be Waited for Hair Transplant?

No! Anyone who complains about the sparseness of their hair can have a hair transplant at any time. In fact, having a certain hair ratio for hair transplant is an important factor in the success of the procedure to be applied. Therefore, there is no need to wait for baldness for hair transplant.

Is It Not Allowed To Swim ın The Sea After A Hair Transplant?

These days, the harbinger of summer, when spring comes, there may be those who are between hair transplant operation and holiday plans. But with the right planning, both can be done. Namely, the planted area should be protected for 1 week. Afterwards, it is possible to return to normal life without losing attention. The technique applied in this process is important. You can also swim in the sea or pool after 4 weeks.

Is White Hair Suitable for Transplant?

White hair is also suitable for transplant if it is done carefully and carefully by appropriate equipment, equipped center and specialists. Since the white hair follicles will be more difficult to see, special optical magnifiers are used for this and hair transplant operation is performed.