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What are the risks of IV nutrition therapy? 



You need proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and all essential nutrients to keep your mind and heart alive. So, the need for these can be full fill by taking fruits and vegetables, or you can go for iv therapy in Dubai at the doctor’s recommendation.

Multiple questions might pop into your mind when you read “IV THERAPY.” Therefore, read the following information to get all the answers.

Threats that need to consider before going for IV nutrition therapy

  • High dosages of vitamin c cause stomach diseases, headaches, and dizziness which is highly dangerous to health.
  • People prone to allergies should be overly cautious of intravenous drip ingredients before taking them.
  • One with heart ailments should also be careful of high concentrations of iv.
  • Patients with kidney problems should ask their doctors before IV therapy in Dubai. 
  • Inserting a simple needle into the body can cause infection, inflammation, or blood clots.
  • Unregulated clinics can affect the cleanliness and the quality of services.
  • High vitamins and nutrients can be dangerous sometimes; for instance, a large amount of vitamin A can cause headaches.

Briefly, iv therapy comes with a few risks, depending on clinics and medical facilities. So, it is essential to have a reliable and trustworthy medical care provider like Call Doctor. 

When we need IV nutrition therapy

Intravenous therapy is the solution to many problems in young and older adults. Plus, it acts as a life-saving drug in case of emergencies. Let’s see some conditions where the drip packed with nutrition is needed.

 Dementia or Alzheimer’s:

It is difficult for people suffering from these diseases to stay hydrated. Therefore, dehydration and lack of nutrients affect their cognitive ability, so in such cases, IV nutrition therapy will full fill this need of the human body.

Protection from wounds:

A body needs a maximum amount of nutrients to hold immunity and college production, which will help in wound healing. Thus, proper nutrition intake through a needle in your blood vessels builds a wall of protection against surgical incisions, diabetic ulcers, gunshot wounds, bites, stings, and many more.


Surgery often hurts your body and increases the need for certain nutrients. So, doctors prescribe iv therapy in Dubai for the best surgical outcome in such conditions. For instance, antioxidants reduce swelling/ inflammation and fasten the process of healing.

These are not the only cases where we need iv drip Dubai; there are many others, too, based on medical conditions examined by Call Doctor’s expert medical staff

Is IV therapy effective?

Yes, IV therapy Dubai is amazingly effective since it doesn’t pass through our digestive system but instead directly enters our circulatory system.

Now let’s explore how it is beneficial

  1. Nutrients are directly delivered.
  2. Prevent your body from dehydration.
  3. Boosts the immunity system.
  4. Foster the healing process.
  5. Clean your body from lead, cadmium, and arsenic.
  6. Promote relaxation.

Restore your energy with a single drip of IV

Nutrients are an indispensable need of our body, which can be attained through oral supplements or iv drip to nourish the body with carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and other required nutrients. In addition, with proper medical consultation, you can go for an iv drip. Therefore, if you decide to get iv therapy in Dubai, then first make an appointment with Call Doctor. Their doctors listen to you and check you properly then their skilled medical team starts the process of iv therapy.