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What Doesn’t Break You Makes You Stronger: Amy Ylitalo Is an Image of Resilience



The world is beautiful, but it is not always kind. The kindness lies within the hearts of those who have experienced the harshness of the world and wish to spare others some of that pain. Mental health advocate Amy Ylitalo is one such individual.

Experiencing the harshness of the world and overcoming her own breaking point several times, this 23-year-old advocate aspires to change the world and operates with an end goal of leaving the world in a state better than she found it.

Using her personal battles with severe mental health issues as a springboard, she is currently in the early stages of launching her business, named The Letter Organization. While talking about mental health is progressively being destigmatized, there are still many who are not as willing to open up about their personal struggles, and as a consequence, may not have enough support to make their personal burden lighter.

The Letter Organization hopes to create lifelong communities of positivity where people may open up regarding their issues without fear of judgment. It is a community where one may receive support from others to help them through their dark days, and in turn, also provide support to others who may need it as well. “Some of the most comforting words in the university are ‘me too,’” goes a quote. Hearing the words “me too” leads to the realization that you are not alone. The Letter Organization hopes to connect people with others who have gone through similar circumstances.

Amy’s advocacy to give comfort and remind people that they are not alone is tattooed on her right forearm. And in her solidarity with others who are also experiencing mental health issues and perhaps also serving as a personal reminder, Amy has the words “You’re Not Alone” in script, and an angel wing representing those who have passed due to mental health illnesses. 

Amy’s past experiences did not bring her down but instead tempered her to become a pillar of support for many. Having gone through extremely adverse circumstances in her early years, she survived four suicide attempts before coming to the realization that there is more she can offer to the world. With her newfound mission and a heart intent to make a change, she created The Letter Organization with the main focus of helping others overcome obstacles and gain enough confidence to be able to deal with whatever hurdle life sends their way. With her life principles carrying over to the way she runs her business, The Letter Organization will move forward with honesty, pure intentions, and perseverance.

Confidence is the one thing Amy believes people need in order to survive their challenges. By gaining confidence, a person will be able to think clearly and take action to tackle whatever obstacle stands in their way. With confidence, a failed attempt would make you bounce back stronger. From there, life would become a rinse-and-repeat process of facing a hurdle, bouncing back, and overcoming it. The person will then be self-sustainable and may model that for others to learn from as well, thus creating a ripple effect.

While the differences of people facing mental health issues may be vast, there stands a common ground of wanting to do better and helping others be better. Amy has made it her mission to help anyone gain the peace of mind to realize that they are not alone in their struggles by modeling healthy support, unconditional love, and acceptance for people from all walks of life.

You can find Amy Ylitalo on Instagram and receive updates about The Letter Organization here.

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