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What is Masturbation and How it Help to Increase Sex Time?



what is masturbation

If you think that masturbating is an unacceptable act or that indulging in it makes you feel guilty, then you don’t understand what is masturbation and how it can help you at times even to perform well in bed. Let’s understand masturbation in this post. 

What Is Masturbation?

Masturbation is the practice of touching one’s own genitalia for the purpose of sexual pleasure; it is entirely acceptable and maybe a beneficial method to learn about one’s body.

You may have learned that masturbation is bad for you, shrinks your genitalia, causes infertility, causes hair to appear in odd places, and may result in addiction once you start. None of it is true, and it seems that masturbating in moderation has no negative consequences. It is neither dangerous nor unhealthy.

Masturbating may be good for both your physical and emotional health. Moreover, that’s pretty much the safest form of sex there is. Masturbation is a great way to release the sexual tension that may build up rapidly, especially for individuals who are alone or whose partners are uninterested or unavailable for sex. It also makes you feel good. Whether you think it is good or not, we hope these things can clarify your thoughts.

What is masturbation, and can it help sexually? A sex therapist may advise if an adult shows sexual dysfunction in order to enhance the orgasmic experience (usually in women) or to delay its start (often in men). Further, masturbation can also help increase sex time. We will go through some of the health advantages of masturbating in the section below. Yet, please note that excess of it might cause side effects of masturbation, and at times, you may need to visit a doctor if is distracting you or causing any other concerns.

Understanding The Benefits Of Masturbation

1. It helps women reduce menstrual cramps.

The uterus contracts to shed its lining during menstruation, causing uncomfortable cramps. Conversely, an orgasm increases blood flow to the genitalia and releases endorphins, which could ease cramps. We all know how unbearable menstrual cramps are. Yet, with masturbation, women may get relief from cramps.

2. Fulfill a deep sexual desire

Typically, males have a higher sexual drive than women owing to their higher testosterone levels, which enhances sexual desire. Therefore, masturbation may be an effective way for heterosexual men to control their growing desires.

3. May enhance your mood

What is masturbation, and how does it promote a good mood? We have already mentioned above that it is an act of self-sexual stimulation. If sex pleases you, then can’t the act of self-stimulation and reaching orgasm bring that pleasure? Certainly, yes! Don’t you feel better after ejaculating? So this benefit is self-explanatory. But, let us explain the reason behind this.

Masturbation generates several feel-good neurochemicals, including that oxytocin and dopamine, which enhance mood, heighten pleasure, and activate the brain’s reward circuits. Therefore, if your job brings you stress, you may opt to engage in it since it might help relieve stress.

4. Boosts sperm motility

Researchers have shown that masturbation may improve the quality and motility of sperm. Presumably, a man who masturbates before the sexual activity will release the remainder of sperm from the tubules that carry sperm. Hence, this paves the way for ‘better’ sperm to be ejected during the sexual encounter, so strengthening your health and raising the possibility of conception.

5. It may help men remain in bed longer

For those with penises, masturbating just before having sex with a partner may potentially prolong the sexual session. This happens because it takes much longer to make a second effort at masturbation. However, this isn’t a certainty for everyone as everybody is distinct.

Side Effects Of Masturbation

As we all realize that excess of anything causes harm, so is the case with masturbation. Hence, when done excessively, it might cause side effects. So this includes:

  • Weakness
  • Distraction from work or studies
  • Nightfall
  • early ejaculation
  • testicular soreness
  • injury to the penis
  • may also hinder sexual practices with your partner
  • Oedema

What Is Masturbation: How To Control Masturbation?

If you think masturbation is taking control of your life, you can take certain steps to stop it. It includes:

  • Avoiding sexual content
  • Spending time with friends or family
  • Sleeping Early
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Engaging in your hobby

However, if this persists, you may opt to visit a sexologist in Jaipur.

Benefits Of Masturbation To Enhance Sex Time

So once you masturbate and ejaculate, you understand how much time it takes you to reach climax and ejaculate. If this seems too quick, then you can work on various approaches to delay ejaculation. If you are experiencing premature ejaculation, then masturbation can be of great help. Hence men will learn how to control ejaculation and delay the process.


We hope that this blog gives information about what is masturbation, its benefits, and how the excess of it can harm you. If you are experiencing issues with ejaculation, erections, or sex time, then the IASH experts can help you address your condition and treat the root cause. Read more exciting articles on