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What will happen if you continuously use cell phone for long time?



What will happen if you continuously use cell phone for long time?

Stress and Depression

The rays come out from the cellphone leads to stress and depression. The people who use the cell phone much, they result to have anxiety, tension. That depression can lead to several problem and ailments. It can make you flimsier and more fragile. A study had found that ” A more you are on the phone, in the evening especially the more you bear the risk of developing depression.” Even people need high features at a low price. So while using a cellphone it emits the high-frequency radiation that could affect our brain and may result in chronic depression.

Brain tumor

It’s been an issue to know that the cellphone radiations may cause a brain tumor or not. Few researchers believe that it would cause the brain tumor, even at the growing age, it would affect adversely. But still, WHO hasn’t made a confirm notice that it would cause the brain tumor, but it suggests to use the cellphone and other high frequency emitting devices as much low as you can. Using the phone for certain time is appropriate, but using it whole over the night and continuously for 6-7 hours per day is very harmful. Even it’s been an issue of debate, it may/may not cause the brain tumor, but prevention is better than cure.

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They may affect the vision

While starring in a cell phone for a longer period of time it may cause Digital eye strain which may result in headaches, fatigue, and nausea. You will be shocked that 65% of American suffer from these cell phone. It is recommended to use computer glasses that could reflect the harmful rays of a cellphone while we are at a long time surfing on internet in the cellphone and even on our computer.

It can weaken your immune system

The cell phone is made up of bacteria. It contains very much bacteria in a cellphone. So while using another cellphone it may cause diseases or transmit it. A study had found that it can cause cancer or may alert your DNA and resulting to cause mutation. People use a cellphone while they are using pesticides, fertilizers and even chemical. So, this is affecting the person whole life. Just like your body, you must have to clean your cellphone and try to use it as much low as it is low as possible.

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Can make you lost a social relationship

While using the phone, people don’t concern about their family, their relatives, and even the public. Sometimes, we heard the news that a kid kills the whole family because they force him/her to leave the smartphone or use it less. It is just like drug addiction, I say more than it. It could affect your body mentally, physically, socially. People couldn’t spend their times for the family. That increases the distance between the person and the family life. The family is much more important, so leave your cell phone for a while at a side and spent time with your family.

Even the material inside the cell phone can make you literally sick, it would cause an allergy, it can mess up with your hearing, it can even make a literal neck pain and more other. So, I recommend to use a cell phone within the limit, don’t use it a long time, but a study suggests you use a laptop, computer rather than a cellphone.

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