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Why Dentists Should Love Social Media



Why Dentists Should Love Social Media

My name is Connor Keene, and I’ve been in the digital sales/marketing space for about 5 years. I built my first online business at 13 and from then on I’ve been striving to reach more in life. In 2016 I learned about social media marketing and after years of honing my skills, I’ve seen a huge problem in the dental industry – the inability of dentists to generate leads online. That’s why I started Greatr Media, a digital marketing agency that helps dental professionals leverage proven digital marketing strategies to source targeted leads for their business.

Many of the dentists I run into a struggle to enjoy using social media to attract potential new clients and rightfully so. With organic reach on Facebook as low as 2% nowadays it is clear why they struggle to get any attention at all on the different platforms. Through experience, the following are the best practices for any dentist who wants to turn their social media into an asset as opposed to a burden. These are the reasons why dentists should love social media marketing.

                    Targeted Advertisements

    • One of the largest reasons why dentists should love social media marketing is the fact that they can target extremely specific audiences. Now, like anything, done incorrectly it can be a problem but done correctly it can change a practice tremendously. The largest areas I have seen this work are through location and behavioral targeting. The ability to get specific and in a sense control who is actually seeing your posts is something very few other forms of marketing have done for businesses or can do for businesses currently. Imagine a billboard that is only seen by people who are specifically interested in what you have to offer. You can now target someone who is actually interested in your service for as low as $5 a day. Talk about powerful.  

      A chance to stand out

    • Social media gives you an opportunity to be different from your competition which otherwise can be a bit of a struggle for dentists. When I search “dentist near me” on google it can be extremely hard for me to find anything very distinctly different between two practices. However, if I search through social media and find two practices, one with a large and engaged following who is interacting with their audience consistently compared to one who hasn’t posted in two weeks and has 20 followers I think it is fairly clear which practice I will call first. Being a part of a younger generation it is clear to me that these platforms are becoming the place where potential customers determine your credibility and where you have a chance to give them a reason to visit your practice so what is your plan?


                    A platform you control/What audience sees:

    • Social media gives you an opportunity to get people off of platforms solely controlled by companies like Google to platforms where you control nearly everything they see. Your audience and reach will reflect how well you position yourself. Are you posting consistently? Does your page showcase good reviews and reasons people should choose you? Are your posts planned and appealing to your audience? Do you respond to your audience when they interact with you? These simple things can be the difference between someone choosing you over your competition not only now but in the long run! With every post, you are taking up valuable real estate that can not only help you now but a long way down the road. You must market with intention and your goals in mind if you want to see results.


                    Ability to get creative

    • Social media allows practices and anyone else to get creative with how they present their business to the world. This connects directly with standing out as talked about above. Social media gives you an outlet to express what you are truly about without ever needing anyone to step foot into your practice. You are able to connect on a deeper level with customers by posting content centered around what you are all about. Show your goofy side, make yourself stand out on a very authentic level with your potential clients and be yourself. As Simon Sinek says “people don’t buy what you do but instead why you do it” and social media gives you a fantastic platform to get creative and show people your why. Don’t be afraid to share your mission, it may be the main reason a customer comes to see you.

Dentists do not have to turn away from social media marketing if the results are not immediate. In fact, they have every reason to stay on and continue to learn more. The power that comes with social media today is truly incredible and when used correctly can help to improve the growth of the practice in ways unimaginable. Today it is possible to have an engaged audience of thousands of people right at your disposal every day of the week. By implementing some of these tactics your pages will not only look better but they will perform better. The social landscape today offer incredible potential, use it to stand out, use it to separate yourself, and start filling those chairs up today.

Connor Keene is a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur and digital sales and marketing strategist with a background in online stores and direct sales. He has owned and operated a variety of small businesses since the age of 13 and currently is a Founding Partner at Greatr Media, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix Arizona. He writes articles about anything from new trends in today's online marketing world to the top influencers taking over the space today in an effort to provide the reader with as much value as possible.