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Why Do the Dentists Suggest Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery?



Why Do the Dentists Suggest Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery?

You would have heard about wisdom teeth, while there is much folklore associated with it, the dentists would always advise for wisdom teeth removal. But why it is necessary? The growth of wisdom teeth is accompanied by pain, so people prefer to remove it, but what if it’s not paining? Is it still necessary to go for wisdom teeth removal? In this article, we will be exploring this fact.

When Do You Need to Remove?

The dentists suggest wisdom teeth removal when the wisdom tooth begins to cause problems. They at first take X-ray and if it shows that they might grow down the line, it is better to be removed. The other reasons are as follows:

  • Wisdom teeth are an extra tooth in your jawline. It might damage molars which lie next to it. To avoid any future teeth or jaw damage, the doctor usually advises for wisdom teeth removal.
  • If there is a formation of a cyst around the new teeth, then it can hollow the jaw and also damage the nerves. This will lead to serious problems in the future and your jaw will be damaged.
  • Sometimes the growth of wisdom teeth may lead to sinus pain, in such a case, its always good to go for wisdom teeth removal.
  • You will also find that there is inflammation in the gums due to wisdom teeth. The tissues around that area can swell then; this will make it difficult for you to clean the teeth properly.
  • If the gums are swollen, then there will be the creation of pockets between the teeth. Cavities are formed as bacteria can grow between the gaps.

What Are the Advantages of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

The oral health can be well maintained if you see to it that the wisdom tooth does not pose any problem. If you do not want to remove the wisdom tooth, then it will give you a host of problems like gum disease, tooth decay, etc. Hence, the dentists recommend for wisdom teeth removal and this has its own benefits.

Avoid unwanted orthodontic problems

overcrowding the jawline may lead to a problem in teeth like pain, growth of other teeth, problem while chewing. However, if you go ahead with wisdom teeth removal, then you can avoid any orthodontic issues. If you opt for wisdom tooth removal, you can avoid the headaches that become unbearable at times for the person. If you remove it, the frequency of headaches reduces, as it does not have pressure from the third molars.

No Discomfort

The other big problem that the patient faces with wisdom tooth is the oral as well as facial discomfort. This happens when the wisdom tooth has contributed to gum disease and also tooth decay. This pain is so bad that it disturbs the person’s quality of life. The wisdom teeth removal is like a relief to uncomfortable issues that one has to face due to the wisdom tooth.

Lesser Probability of Oral Diseases

The patient will have a decreased risk of oral disease if they opt for wisdom tooth removal. If you retain it, it will only increase dental caries and gum disease. These are very painful and cause oral infections as well as constant oral discomfort.

Most of the dentist advise, wisdom teeth removal at a younger age, or when it starts emerging. It is comparatively easy to remove the teeth when they have not fully grown. Once you allow them to grow, the roots penetrate into the gums, this makes the removal process tedious and painful. The removal becomes necessary when you find that there are some changes in the area of the teeth. If you ignore it, then this will lead to serious problems. Visit a trusted dentist for the removal of wisdom teeth.

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