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5 Things to Consider Before Installing a Wall Hung Entertainment Unit




It is hard to imagine life without an entertainment unit in home2. Truly, the television is a remarkable invention. With advancements in technology, television sets keep getting wider yet slimmer, but not everyone has the space to put them on a stand.

A wall-hung entertainment unit allows you to display your TV on any wall in your house. Setting it up this way ensures that your TV doesn’t fall over due to children or pets. Additionally, mounting your TV on the wall only takes up a small amount of room, allowing you to have the largest screen without giving up much of your furniture space.

However, mounting your entertainment unit on a wall is no easy feat. It requires proper planning and superb skills on your part. Don’t worry, though! By taking a few considerations into account, you can mount your TV on a wall all by yourself.

Before you set up your wall-hung entertainment unit, you should consider the following things:

1. Which Wall to Choose

The first thing you should do when attempting to mount your entertainment unit to the wall is to make a plan. You should have a clear idea about which wall you want your TV to go up on and exactly where it should be positioned. When making your choice, choose a wall that is the appropriate distance from the area where you plan to watch TV, ideally your couch.

Technical aspects must also be taken care of, such as the distance from the plug-point and the wi-fi. You don’t want your new wall-hung entertainment unit to be placed in a spot where the sunlight falls either because it’ll wash out the brightness of your TV’s display.

2. Using A Stud Finder

You wouldn’t want to try to mount your unit to drywall. You must find a stud in order to mount your TV in the safest possible location. While it is possible to get by without using a stud finder, it is always better to be sure. Using a stud finder will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of a stud where you can hook up your wall-hung entertainment unit. Note down all your measurements for later reference.

3. Picking the Right Wall Mount

When you’re happy with the wall you’ve selected, the next step is picking a compatible wall mount. Make sure the wall mount is compatible with the model of your TV. It must also be strong enough to support the weight of the TV. See to it that the wall mount doesn’t take up any more space than required. It must not look too clunky or awkwardly stand out. The focus should be on your wall-hung entertainment unit.

Of course, you’d also want to pick a wall mount that isn’t too hard to set up. Good wall mounts must come with all the necessary screws and a proper instruction manual explaining the mounting process.

4. Configuring the Wiring

It’s 2023, and unfortunately, we still don’t have wireless TVs. So, until we get that, you’ll have to adjust the mounting of your entertainment unit according to the various wires it utilizes.

The wires should have enough breathing space behind your TV. They shouldn’t be in awkward bends, pressed against the wall. Over time, this will cause them to wear down fast. In addition to the TV’s standard wiring, there must be adequate room to accommodate the insertion of USB sticks and HDMI cables as needed.

5. Getting Everything Ready

Finally, you can go ahead and try to set up your wall-hung entertainment device. Simply so you don’t run into any trouble later, it is advisable to get everything ready beforehand. So, in case something goes wrong, gather your power drill, all of your loose screws, and a first aid kit. Though perhaps you won’t need it!

The Bottom Line

TVs are an important part of any home entertainment setup and can be mounted in a variety of locations to fit your lifestyle. However, mounting it on your wall will always get you the sleekest look and a reliably pleasant viewing experience. Keeping these factors in mind, you should be able to set up your wall-hung entertainment unit with ease.

There are many factors to consider before installing a wall-hung entertainment unit. If you would like to know more then click here and get some more useful information.