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7 Kid-Friendly (And Budget-Friendly) Landscaping Ideas For Your Yard




Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t start making plans for your next landscaping project. If you have kids, child-proofing your house can be quite a hassle–especially when it comes to child-proofing the outdoors. Not to mention the fact that kids can be incredibly difficult to entertain for long periods of time. If you have little ones in your household and are looking for some kid-friendly landscaping ideas to implement in your yard, you’ve come to the right place. As a general rule, opt for landscaping features that are both safe and fun for your children. Below are some kid-friendly (and budget-friendly) landscaping ideas for your yard.

1. Playhouse

A playhouse is a terrific landscaping option if you have little ones who require near-constant attention. It’s never a good idea to leave your children unattended in the backyard, where there are always unknown variables present. However, with a completely enclosed playhouse, you can let your kids run free while you do the dishes, switch the laundry, or relax! A playhouse can be customized to fulfill your child’s needs and preferences, and it can help keep your child entertained for hours on end. You can even decorate the playhouse to reflect your own home or disguise it as a giant mushroom or fairy house! If you’re looking for the perfect, kid-friendly addition to your yard, consider building or purchasing a playhouse.

2. Splash Pad

Kids love playing in the water, so a splash pad is the perfect landscaping addition for households with young children. Although a splash pad is suited for warmer weather, your splash can be redecorated during the fall and winter as a festive fountain show! It’s important to note that it can be dangerous to leave small children unattended in the presence of uncontrolled water, so be sure that an adult is always present when your little ones play. Like a playhouse, however, a splash pad can help keep your kids entertained for hours every day of the summer! Additionally, a splash pad can provide a convenient means of cooling off hot summer days. If you think your yard is lacking in energy and summer festivity, consider investing in a splash pad.

3. Trampoline

A trampoline is the perfect landscaping feature for those with children who are energetic and active. Trampolines are best utilized in conjunction with other features, such as swingsets and playhouses. Additionally, trampolines should always be located in areas with soft ground–or they should include a built-in safety net in order to create a safe environment for your kids. A trampoline allows children to jump and enjoy themselves for long periods of time, which can be particularly beneficial during the summertime. However, please note that trampolines can be dangerous if not used appropriately, and it’s best to ensure that you have the means to properly supervise your children when they use the trampoline.

4. Garden

Adding a garden to your yard is a great idea for those who have the space to implement it or want to include plenty of kid-friendly features in their landscaping. A garden can be used as an extension of your yard, and it can also help provide your children with all of their necessary nutrients. Additionally, creating a backyard garden provides countless opportunities for your children to learn while spending time outdoors. If you think gardening is something you or your kids would like to explore in the near future, consider purchasing some gardening tools and getting started on your first project!

5. Swing Set

A swing set is one of the most ideal landscaping additions when it comes to entertaining children for long periods. Compared to other landscaping features, swing sets provide a durable, long-lasting form of enjoyment. Sufficiently sized swing sets can accommodate children and adults alike, so you, your teens, and your little ones can all enjoy an afternoon on the swing set. Additionally, if you’re looking for outdoor fun and a way to connect with your children, swinging on your swing set can be a vessel for parent-child bonding.

6. Playground

A playground is another great option for those with younger children who require continual attention. In addition to providing a fun form of entertainment, playgrounds are also excellent learning tools. If you have children who are interested in learning new skills or who need extra help developing their motor skills, a playground provides the perfect opportunity to get them started. Playgrounds can be installed in the backyard, or they can be installed in front of your house so that you can watch your kids while they play. If you have concerns about safety–which is always a priority–consider installing playground equipment made from soft rubber or plastic, and be sure to build a base of soft turf or woodchips.

7. Sandbox

Sandboxes are another great option for keeping your kids busy outside while you relax inside, and they’re also fantastic learning tools! Sandboxes provide a safe place for children to play with sand and can easily be decorated to resemble a beach or underwater paradise. Additionally, sandboxes can help children with their hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, and creative abilities. Sandboxes are an excellent kid-friendly landscaping addition to any yard.