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10 Gift Plant Ideas for the Green-Thumbed Loved One in Sydney



gift plants sydney

Gift-giving can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to finding the perfect present for a green-thumbed loved one. If you’re based in Sydney and looking for a gift that will bring joy and life to your loved one’s home or garden, consider one of these 10 gift plant ideas.

Indoor Plants

  • Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) – also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, this hardy plant is able to thrive in low light conditions and is known for its air-purifying properties.
  • Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) – another low light tolerant plant, the Zanzibar Gem is also drought tolerant and has glossy, dark green leaves.
  • String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) – this unique plant features small, pearl-like leaves that trail beautifully from a hanging basket.
  • Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) – a trendy and easy-to-care-for option, the Chinese money plant features round, coin-shaped leaves.
  • Philodendron Heartleaf (Philodendron cordatum) – this vining plant is known for its heart-shaped leaves and is a great option for adding a touch of green to a room.

Outdoor Plants

  • Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) – this tropical plant is known for its large, brightly coloured flowers that resemble a bird in flight.
  • Australian Native Plant – there are many species of Australian native plants that would make a beautiful and thoughtful gift, such as the Waratah (Telopea speciosissima) or the Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos spp.).
  • Succulents – a wide variety of succulents are available, such as Aloe vera, Echeveria, and Crassula, which are easy to care for and can thrive in Sydney’s climate.
  • Bamboo (Bambuseae spp.) – a hardy and versatile option, bamboo can be used as a privacy screen, a feature plant, or even as a hedge.
  • Olive Tree (Olea europaea) – an ancient symbol of peace and wisdom, the olive tree is a great option for a loved one with a larger outdoor space.

Where to buy gift plants in Sydney

There are many options for buying gift plants in Sydney, from local nurseries to online plant retailers. Some popular options include:

Nature Colours

Nature Colours is a gift plant shop based in Sydney, Australia. They specialize in offering a wide range of beautiful, high-quality plants that make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a small succulent or a large indoor tree, Nature Colours has a plant to suit your needs. They are experts at providing the right care and attention to all of their plants, ensuring they will thrive in their new environment. So, if you’re in Sydney and looking for a special gift, consider visiting Nature Colours and picking out a beautiful plant.

The Plant Runner

The Plant Runner is a business based in Sydney, Australia, that specializes in gift plants. They offer a wide selection of plants, including succulents, cacti, and tropical varieties, all of which make great gifts for any occasion. Their plants are carefully tended to and packaged to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. They also offer same-day delivery within Sydney and nationwide shipping.

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is a popular gift shop in Sydney that specializes in plants. They offer a wide variety of gift plants that are perfect for any occasion, from small succulents to large indoor trees. The shop has a great selection of unique and hard-to-find plant varieties, and their staff is knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to planting care. The Greenhouse also offers gift wrapping and delivery services, making it easy to send a special plant gift to someone in Sydney. They are the best option for gift plants in Sydney.

The Botanic Nursery

The Botanic Nursery is a popular destination for those looking to purchase gift plants in Sydney. The nursery offers a wide variety of plants, including indoor and outdoor options, making it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion. In addition to gift plants, the nursery also sells gardening supplies and offers expert advice to help customers care for their new plants. With a focus on quality and customer service, The Botanic Nursery is a great choice for anyone looking for a special gift for a green-thumbed friend or loved one.

Green Street

Green Street is a plant shop located in Australia. They offer a wide variety of plants, including succulents, cacti, and tropical plants, as well as potting soil and other gardening supplies. Their plants make perfect gifts for friends and family, or for yourself to liven up your home or office. Green Street also offers delivery services throughout Sydney.


Giving a gift plant is a thoughtful way to bring life and joy to your loved one’s home or garden. Whether your loved one prefers indoor or outdoor plants, there are many options available in Sydney to suit any taste and budget. From the snake plant to the olive tree, these 10 gift plant ideas are sure to delight any green-thumbed loved one.