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7 Curtain Tricks Only Interior Designers Know



7 Curtain Tricks Only Interior Designers Know

Window hangings are the ideal way to give your interiors a glamorous look and bring in shades and texture. Curtains are the major utilitarian and ornamental items installed in homes and workplaces. The distinctiveness of curtains in styles, colors, and materials can glorify any place. When you go shopping for curtains at any superstore, you will find a broad range of designs and patterns for the curtains.

However, selecting the curtains involves many things to consider that not everyone is aware of. Interior designers are the only individuals on earth who understand better than anyone else every factor involved in styling the home with curtains. A designer can redesign your place to complement the rest of the decor and knows everything that a customer probably doesn’t know. In this guide, you will learn about some useful tricks for remodeling your interior with curtains.

Get To Know Different Curtains Hacks That Only Interior Designers Are Aware Of

Interior designers have a deep insight into how to look at things in the most creative way. The Best Interior Designers in Dubai can transform a vacant area into a magnificent place using their artistic instincts. 

While you are shopping for curtains or hanging them in your living space, there are various surprising things that you probably don’t know. Let us familiarize you with some amazing hacks to renovate your places in the most opulent way.

1. Installing Different Types Of Curtains Creates A Unique Outlook

One thing about purchasing or hanging curtains that you might not know is their versatility. As there is a vast variety of curtains in the market, people usually go with only one fabric for curtains. For a dramatic look, you can buy a pair of curtains with different textile materials that can align well with the decor of a place.

Layering different types of curtains is the most followed trend that gives a modern look to a place and adds dual functionality. A designer can help you with the selection of fabrics and color tones that will harmonize well with the interior of a space.

2. Curtains Style Can Vary From One Room To Another

Another trick to follow for the interior design of your home with curtains is style modification for the curtains. You can shop for distinct styles of curtains for your home in different colors and layouts.

To avoid the matchy-matchy look, go different with the hanging style of curtains. For a new outlook in every room of your home, you can choose between sheers, blackouts, silk, cotton, and linen curtains.

3. Curtains Height Is Everything

One of the most stylish ways to transform your home’s look is to select the appropriate length of the curtains. The height of the curtains can add an immediate infusion of style and give a complete look to your living spaces.

You can set the height for the curtains as high as possible according to the interior of a space. To draw the attention of the visitors and create the impression of a relatively larger space, keep the length of the curtains high and let them float over the floors.

4. Lining Your Curtains Is The Key To Adornment

Curtains have various manufacturing materials and styles that can add practicality and jazz up your space. A fabric liner can be installed in your living rooms with your choice of color and fabric.

You can install curtains with lining for additional privacy and to jazz up the decor. Having lined curtains in your home can add insulation to your space.

5. Patterns Are Tons Of Fun

Plain or unicolored curtains give the simplest yet most elegant look. However, to create a rustic look and incorporate colors, you can buy patterned curtains. Curtains have enormous varieties of patterns.

These curtains add charm and texture to your living spaces. You can choose between the folds and pleats with different geometric and irregular patterns crafted over them.

6. Ordering The Sample Of Fabric Is Must

It is necessary to have a closer look at the fabric of the curtains when selecting window treatments online. Often, products seem to be different in reality than those showcased on the site. People can get confused over the texture and pattern of curtains, and as a result, they don’t get the product they ordered.

While designers can differentiate between true colors from a distance, they still prefer to get samples of the product. This is something that only professional designers know, and people disregard it.

7. Don’t Skimp On The Curtain Rod

Investing in good quality materials for the curtains can also impact their appearance. There are different designs and colors of curtain rods that can be matched with the color tone of the curtains.

The materials for curtain rods are metal, aluminum, plastic, or wood. Purchasing a good quality rod may cost you extra money but intensify the look of the curtains. Another important thing that only interior designers know is the curtain’s finials that provide support to curtains to not fall from the side.

To Round Up!

Curtains not only boost the visual appeal of the space but also make it more functional. Styling curtains involves various aspects to consider while hanging or purchasing them. To change the feel of a place, you can install different types of curtains in different rooms of your home.

You can give a rustic look to your interiors with patterned curtains. The most important factor that only interior designers know is to order samples of a product to choose the right one. The styling of curtains also involves the folding, layering, and ideal length of the curtains.