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How to Choose The Right Size Area Rug for Your Bedroom-Expert Tips



Area Rug

Area rugs have taken the place of giant carpetings, these are basically small-sized carpets that are easily placeable in any spot. Area rugs do not come with adhesives and therefore their placement can be easily adjusted whenever required. One of the most common questions about rug styling is how would we know what size of area rug suits the bedroom design. 

Carpets are designed to cover the entire room and therefore no one gets confused about their placement while area rugs, with their enormous size options, add confusion to everyone’s mind at the time of selection. We have discussed it with interior designers and come up with multiple solutions and easy guidelines for choosing a perfect-sized bedroom rug.

Some Tips For Picking The Right-Sized Bedroom Area Rug 

There are two logics behind area rug titles, one is they define an area with their placement, and the second is they can only be placed in a limited area. The market is loaded with trillions of rug shapes, sizes, and shades that make us go confused while selecting a piece for our bedroom interior. 

Selecting a Best Rugs Shop in Dubai depends on the area where you want to place it. The bedroom styling reflects the personality and therefore people get confused while selecting interior decor elements for their room. Here are some tips mentioned that will lead you to select the required size of rug for your place.

1. A Rectangular Rug Will Go Fine Near The Bed

A rug near the bed offers a cushioning effect for the feet when we sit on the bed, but the important question here is how many beds are there in your bedroom? Siblings share their rooms and usually furnish their room with a twin bed set while couples usually have a double bed in their rooms. 

See the length of your bed and choose a shorter but fluffy area rug so it can not cross the bed boundary and add a significantly comfortable interior look to the place. If there are two beds in your bedroom, better to style a rug in front of each bed for a perfect continuity of interior theme.

2. A Trendy Rug Shape For The Near Couch Placement 

Rugs are also available in many shapes, the most trendy is the geometrical and animal ones. Get a square shape to place under a small table, it will not only enhance the interior appearance but also give the best stability to your table. Rugs can absorb invasive drag sounds of furniture with their load of fibres.

Choose an animal shape of the rug but in a monochromatic or animal skin shade and place it in front of the bed footer board and see the elevated interior. It is better to select a rug that does not cross the boundaries of the bed for perfect styling.

3. A Large Rug Can Stabilize Your Furniture

For placing an area rug under your furniture, it is necessary to take proper measurements before shopping for it. A large/big comfortable rug is recommended for this type of placement, and choose a longer rug than the furniture measurements. 

Rugs with their specific fiber count and type create a plush environment. As for the purpose of furniture support, it is better to choose a heavy-duty rug. And in this concern, Berber is one of the strongest rug types. Rugs are not only helpful in complementing your furniture but also keep your floors safe from getting affected by impact damage and dragging of the furniture.

4. Place Different Sized Rugs To Elevate The Bedroom Interior

If your chief motive is to elevate the entire interior of your bedroom, then you must go for this trendy interior rug styling. Place a window-width-sized rug near the window so its fibres can absorb external icy breezes and help in maintaining a warm environment. This also works in terms of preventing the heat loss from the room, thus providing insulation

Place a giant rug under the bed and some small rugs under your couch-front table to elevate the sitting space’s look. A rug near the entrance of the room will help keep the outside dirt and moisture away from your room boundaries.

5. Rug Suggestions For Small And Big bedrooms

A perfect size of the rug can also be selected by monitoring the measurements of your room. A small room is preferably styled with a long rug that gives maximal floor covering because one or more small rug placements will make the room look limited and congested. 

A big room can also be decorated with many small rugs for a different interior appearance. It is better to choose a single shade for your monochromatic room that gives a perfect combination with the interior while choosing a rug pattern to match your wall art is also a great idea. 

Come To An End

Choosing the perfect size of an area rug is tricky, but we have got you this info to guide you perfectly on this topic. All you need to do is monitor the interior of your bedroom and choose a place where you want to lay a rug, according to the specific area, and make required changes in the rug size measurements. Small entrance rugs and large furniture styling rugs are the best options and further guidelines about their placement have been described in the above points.