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Include Art Print Curtains for Home Decor



art print curtains for home decor

No space is complete without curtains, and it can be challenging to locate the ideal style. Interior designers recommend installing patterned curtains to give your room a fresh look. Any room can come to life with a distinctive pattern and color scheme, which won’t be dull!

A few fresh sets of printed or art print curtains for home decor can quickly and easily alter your living room, bedroom, or kitchen without the hassle of painting or reupholstering furniture.

Why Choose Patterns

A plain home can benefit significantly from the flair that patterned drapes bring. They can enhance a secondary color in your space or introduce a new color into a place without making it feel overpowering.

A space can be given life and movement by using brilliant patterns with vivid images, even if most prefer simple patterns like delicate flowers or stripes.

A Maricel Marcantoni Art blackout art print curtain would be a terrific place to start if you’re trying to give your home a theme, such as contemporary inspirations with modern and brilliant hues.

How To Choose Patterns

There are a few considerations when selecting pattern-filled curtains for your living room or any other area. Choose window treatments carefully because they can make or break a space.

But where should you start? Use a color or pattern that you love when decorating your space. But how can you ensure that the print you’ve chosen blends in with the decor of the remainder of the space?

The focal point of your room should be identified first. Choose eye-catching window treatments with dramatic patterns or colors (or both!) if you want your windows to be the room’s focal point.

You may prefer that your art print curtain panels complement the rest of your decor. In that instance, go for drapery the same color as your walls. It could appear in a pattern or the color of the print’s background.

Tips to Style Your Curtains

There are countless options available when it comes to styling your art print curtains. Explore these creative curtain decorating ideas to add a special touch to your new window treatment. These added details will stand out in any space:

1. Add Trim

Using curtain trims and tassels to adorn your curtains is fun. You could add pom poms for a cutesy feel, tassels for an ornate look, ribbon borders for refinement, and border trims that can jazz up a curtain of any style and color.

2. Include Tie-Backs

Using curtain tie-backs to embellish your art print curtains is a pleasant and helpful idea. They come in various designs and gracefully sweep the curtain material back from the window to let in ample natural light.

3. Place Valances

A valance is a fantastic addition to your curtain décor. Valances are decorative items that gently soften incoming sunshine by covering roughly a fourth of the windowpane. You have many personalization options because they are available in mounting styles, cuts, pleat styles, and patterns.

Additionally, they hide the curtain hardware. You can place monochrome valences of the dominating color to adorn an art print curtain. It adds balance and elegance to the space too!

4. Layering

Layering your curtains can give you a professional, dynamic appearance. The top curtains should showcase the main design components when stacking curtains, while the back curtains should filter sunlight.

Sheers are the ideal fabric for a back layer. They will not only provide you with more light control, but they will also instantly make your top layer brighter and airier.

Order Art Print Curtains on Sale

You can perfectly adorn your curtains using these original ideas! If you’re prepared to give your windows a stunning new design, look into art print curtains for home decor to include vibrant selections for your window treatment.