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Rajasthani Handicrafts: Paradise of Handicrafts



Rajasthani Handicrafts

Rajasthani Handicrafts: Intro

Have you heard of the term Rajasthani Handicrafts? Rajasthani Handicrafts are the most demanded and perfect Handicraft Items that many people are crazy about. These handicrafts are produced in a beautiful state that is situated in the western part of India. You might have heard that India is a country where tradition meets culture. Its values and norms are just amazing. Its majestic Havelis, resorts, music, dancing, art & craft, and natural resources draw thousands of tourists from over the world.

Every hamlet has its own heroic legends since Rajasthan’s history and culture are so firmly ingrained in the region. So, Rajasthan is a part of that only. In fact, Rajasthan is famous for its traditional values, cultural norms, and ideal handicrafts.

Rajasthani Handicrafts: Details

Rajasthan is a fascinating destination resounding with ancient culture, breathtaking scenery, and a rich legacy. Rajasthan is a colorful and unique state, set against the arid landscape, where monarchy and tradition coexist. Rajasthan is also known as the country of forts, kings’ and queens’ palaces, lakes, and sand dunes. This is a state of historical places, beautiful cities, vibrant colors, forts, palaces, and many more. Rajasthan was first founded around 5000 years ago with the foundation of the Indus Valley Civilization.

There’s one more interesting fact that connects Rajasthan with Handicrafts. As told earlier, Rajasthan was founded around 5000 years ago. Handicrafts were also crafted around 5000 years ago. 

This proves that from the beginning this land is related to Handicrafts and sooner or later Rajasthani Handicrafts have to be crafted. And this came true in the 18th century. When Raja Sawai Maan Singh II was ruling the state. He was very fond of Handicrafts are decided to start the production of handicrafts in his own state. He called some renowned artisans from different parts of the country and told them to manufacture something based on the Rajasthani Culture and tradition.

Rajasthani Handicrafts Online:

They studied the Rajasthani Culture and crafted Rajasthani Handicrafts. Initially, there were only a few artisans who were producing Rajasthani Handicrafts. But at present Rajasthan is home to around 6 lakh artisans that live in different parts of the country. If you wish to see these handicrafts you can search for Rajasthani Handicrafts Online. These artisans produce thousands of Rajasthani Handicrafts every day. They all work in small-scale in-house industries that are situated on the outskirts of handicrafts-producing cities in Rajasthan. Some cities in Rajasthan are famous for Handicrafts, some are famous for their tourism, and some are famous for both.

Rajasthan provides attractions for all types of tourists. Rajasthani handicrafts include gemstones, blue pottery, juttis, meenakari and Kundan jewelry, marble sculptures, and more are all available in the bazaars of Rajasthan. 

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