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Surfboard Art Ideas for Your Rooftop Garden




Surfboard art is a unique idea for your rooftop garden. Whether you live on the coast or far from it, you can enjoy the ocean vibe while you are up on your rooftop. This idea is perfect for those who love to surf and need a place to store their surfboards when they are not surfing or if they don’t have a garage or storage space. The best way to start creating this type of art is by painting the board with two coats of paint, applying stencils and finally sanding it down.

How to Design a Dreamy Rooftop Garden with Cool Surfboard Art Ideas?

There are limitless options when it comes to decoration using surfboards. It is the perfect way of bringing the Ocean into Your Home. With these surfboard art ideas, you can not only enjoy evenings on your rooftop but also is a conversation starter. Designing your rooftop with surfboard art makes your space look rich. Here is what you need to consider when decorating surfboards on a rooftop.

  • The first step is to find the right location on your rooftop garden for surfboard art.
  • It should be somewhere in your garden where it can gain the visitor’s attention.
  • Natural light and air can fade the colours of your art, so be sure to protect your art from climate challenges.
  • You will also need daily roof cleaning habits. So that dust does not damage any materials or plants you put on the rooftop.
  • You will also need to consider how much space you have on your roof when designing your garden.
  • If you have a small space, you will want to use small surfboard art pieces for rooftop gardens which are stackable and take up less space than traditional outdoor art pieces.

The Impact of Surfboard on Your Rooftop Garden.

Surfboard art is a form of art made using surfboards. It’s typically used for decoration and has been around for decades. It is a popular decoration item in many homes and businesses, but it’s also a popular art in public spaces. Many art galleries feature surfboard art.

The impressive impact of Surfboard art for Your Rooftop Garden is that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. You can paint your surfboard art to design your garden. Here are a few ideas.

Few DIY surfboard art ideas.

  • The first art option is to take your old surfboard, paint it light blue, stand it in a corner and add beach sand on the bottom. This garden art option is lightweight and easy to install!
  • Paint your surfboard green, and make it a plant stand.
  • If you are good at painting, try your hand at creating scenery. Paint whatever you want to, including unique styles such as the Surfer girl in a wetsuit, the dolphin in the Ocean waves, and the sand beach. The sky is the limit.
  • Mounting your surfboard as if it is the art piece itself. It is a reminder of your surfing days.

Surfboard Furniture

Converting old surfboards into furniture is a perfect option for rooftop decoration. However, how to make outdoor furniture using surfboards for your rooftop garden? The first step is to choose an appropriate surfboard for this purpose. The most important fact to remember is outdoor furniture would have to bear climate challenges. So consider a high-quality surfboard for making furniture.

Coffee table.

Create a coffee table using a small surfboard. It is a perfect addition to rooftop decor.

Gaming Table.

Table games can double the joy if played outside. Convert your old surfboard into a large gaming table. You can play numbers for games, board games, cards and much more.

Additional seating.

The same-looking chairs and sofas can affect the overall beauty of rooftop decor. You can make seaters using a surfboard which will play a significant role in your rooftop decor.


So now you know how to create the perfect surfboard art for your rooftop garden. The rooftop garden is a way to enjoy the beauty of nature. While still having the convenience of being close to home. Some planning and creativity can turn your rooftop into a beautiful oasis. Surfboard art ideas are no doubt a perfect touch for your rooftop decor.