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Toro Homeowner and Commercial Models Are Highly Rated



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While riding Toro mowers make short work of large lawns. There are times when a more compact option is more appropriate. It is best to use a walk-behind mower. When the yard is too small for a riding mower. There are obstacles in the way, or the slope is too steep.

There is a wide selection of walk-behind mowers available for sale in the lawn care industry. That’s great because it broadens your range of potential solutions. Still, having so many options can make it tough to settle on a single mower.

Check out what Toro has to offer. If you’re in the market for a new walk-behind mower. When it comes to mowers. Toro promo code is widely considered a market leader. For gas-powered push mowers, Consumer Reports’ 2016 top pick was the Honda HRR216PKA, followed closely by the Toro Recycler Smart Stow 21329. When compared to similarly successful brands, Toro holds its own. These mowers have some unique, useful features that set them apart from the competition.

Provided by Toro

Homeowners can choose from several different models of lawnmowers from Toro’s Recycler, Super Recycler, and Time Master series. Two distinct cordless lawn mower models are available. The Heavy Duty and Turf Master models are designed for industrial use. Some of their distinguishing characteristics are outlined below.

Recycler’s user-friendly functions and low prices are hard to beat. Models with either a 21- or 22-inch cutting deck are available, and you can choose to have the mower propel itself or use the push mechanism. To save on storage space, certain models of lawnmowers feature collapsible handles and SmartStow engine technology that allow the mower to be stored upright. Mowers can move both forward and backward with the PoweReverse feature, which is available on some models.

The Super Recycler combines industrial strength and user-friendly design for residential use. All models have 21-inch cutting decks and are self-propelled. Some models feature shock-absorbing handles, making them more comfortable to carry over uneven ground.

TimeMaster: Better results in less time spent cutting. The cutting deck on these self-propelled mowers is 30 inches in diameter, so you can get your yard cut in a fraction of the usual time. If you need to step away from the mower for a moment and don’t want to bother restarting the engine, you can use the blade stop feature that is included in these models.

Miniature and practically maintenance-free, the eCycler is a great option for urban commuters. The cutting deck on this lightweight mower measures 20 inches in diameter. Powered by a 36-volt battery system, it is very efficient.

The improved battery power of 60 V. The 60-volt maximum system and smart battery in these self-propelled mowers are equipped with software that optimizes their run time and performance. A Recycler cutting deck of 22 inches in width is installed. Some models are equipped with SmartStow technology, making them extremely convenient for storage.

These models are built to last, and they have 21-inch cutting decks and a cutting system called the Recycler. They have a tubular engine guard, steel deck wear plates, and steel cable routing guards to ensure long life.

These models from Turf Master have a cutting deck that is 30 inches wide, which drastically cuts down on mowing time. The cast-aluminum frame, heavy-duty steel deck, bull-nose front bumper, and commercial-grade wheels contribute to their rugged appearance.

Toro System for Recycling

The Recycler cutting system is a distinguishing feature of Toro lawnmowers. Toro has developed a new cutting system that is safer for your grass and the environment than traditional mowers.

Due to the unique design of the cutting deck on the Recycler, Super Recycler, and Heavy Duty mowers, the grass cuttings are kept in the air. Underneath the deck, there are deflectors with blades designed to “kick” the grass back. Grass clippings will be finely chopped by this system. The “wings” on the blades drop the tiny clippings into the grass below.

When was the last time you thought about that? Grass clippings should be left on the lawn because doing so is extremely beneficial to the grass. When grass clippings are left on the lawn, they decompose and add moisture and nutrients back into the soil. However, they are most effective when they are chopped into small pieces, as this facilitates their breakdown and prevents them from clumping on the surface of the lawn.

Keeping clippings on the lawn helps keep the soil healthy and reduces the need for fertilization. We can help save the planet by using fewer chemical fertilizers. And since they won’t be going out with the trash, you’ll save money on gas and space in the landfill by not having to throw them away.

Reviewing and Comparing

Sure, Toro will boast that their mowers are the best in the industry thanks to their cutting-edge design and features. But, what do third-party critics think?

Information for Toro Consumers

Like we said up front, the Toro Recycler SmartStow is one of last year’s top two lawnmowers, according to Consumer Reports. They found that the unique Recycler blade system was just as effective at cutting grass as a comparable Honda model with a dual-blade design. The Toro’s wash-out port on the deck makes it simple to clean, and its compact design makes it simple to stow away. And despite the fact that it is a push mower rather than a self-propelled one, it is very manageable. Although they recommended both brands equally, they preferred the Honda due to its higher reliability and better bagging performance.

The Best Ten Opinions

The Toro Personal Pace Recycler is “a sturdy gas lawn mower with a design that is both user-friendly and accessible,” as stated in a review by We put it through our paces and discovered that. Thanks to its flexible design, it’s one of the best lawnmowers available for yards of varying sizes. They gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, minus 0.5 for the small engine that makes it difficult to mow thick patches of grass. They do say that it performs exceptionally well in well-kept lawns.

Positive Criticisms

As the “best bang for the buck,” they highly recommended the Recycler push mower. It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap and reliable for people with modest lawns, so the rumor goes. On top of that, unlike many other mowers of its kind, it doesn’t need regular oil changes.

The TimeMaster Personal Pace is a great choice for large-scale lawn mowing projects because it is “a walk-behind lawn mower with features and capabilities that rival riding lawn mowers.” They praised the gadget’s practicality and swiftness. The high cost and the relatively small gas tank are the only real issues people have with it compared to standard walk-behind mowers.

Analysis of Past Toro Events

The 60 V Max electric lawnmower. The Personal Pace Recycler and the TimeMaster Personal Pace mower were all tested by and rated highly.

The 60 V Max electric mowers are praised for their “simple startup, quiet operation, and virtually absent maintenance requirements,” meaning that homeowners can tend to their lawns with minimal effort. Plus, you’ll be able to mow up to a third of an acre on a single charge thanks to its high level of efficiency and performance. It’s also mentioned that comparable models can typically only cut a quarter of an acre on a single battery charge.

They are a little less enamored with the Personal Pace Recycler, awarding it 3.7 stars out of 5. Reviewers despite this praised it as an “excellent choice for small to medium-sized yards” and a “great addition” to Toro’s product line. For yards with gentle to moderate inclines, the all-wheel-drive self-propel system makes quick work of yard work. That it had an all-wheel drive was their favorite function. The only real complaints were about the weight (though it’s very sturdy) and the bagging system, both of which could use some work.

Four out of five stars is an excellent rating for the TimeMaster Personal Pace mower. Even though it received a 3.5-star rating for battery life, its build quality, ergonomics, features, and cutting power were all awarded 5 stars. Faster mowing times are achieved thanks to the mower’s powerful engine and large cutting deck, but a full tank of gas is depleted in under an hour. An additional challenge is that when the mower is turned off, it is quite heavy. Reviewer’s final thoughts on the product are that “Personal Pace Self-Propel system, 2 points height-of-cut adjustment, Quick Stow lever, and washout port add up to time-saving goodness.” The Toro 30 in. lawn mower is well worth the investment due to its wide deck, powerful engine, and innovative blade stop system.

The Next Toro Mower You Buy

There is a Toro line of mowers available to meet your needs. If you’re searching for a trustworthy walk-behind mower with top-notch cutting performance. Toro manufactures a wide variety of mowers, from inexpensive push models to self-propelled walk-behinds that cut down on yardwork time.

If you’re looking for a new Toro mower, look no further than Richardson Saw & Lawnmower. Our company is a Toro Master Service Dealer. Toro’s Master Service Dealer program designates retailers who employ factory-trained, industry-certified technicians as such. Each year, we assess these retailers to guarantee that you get reliable service. Visit us today and we’ll gladly assist you in selecting the best walk-behind mower for your needs.