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What is a Jute Rug? | Complete Jute Rug Decor & Care Tips



Jute rugs are made from jute plant fibers, which are famous for their softness after cotton and can be found in Asia. This plant is known for its heat insulation quality. Jute rugs are eco-friendly and can also be renewed or biodegraded. They keep the temperature balanced. The fibers of jute plants are woven into the rug, which gives it a natural appearance.

These rugs are available in fresh prints and are easy to maintain. Like other rugs, jute rugs also trap dirt and allergens but are easy to wash. These can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. The prints of jute rugs come in unique colors and designs to give your room an aesthetic look.

Some Incredible Ideas To Place Jute Rugs In Your House

Jute rugs give an incredibly desirable look to a place. They feel soft underfoot and pleasing to the eyes. They can be renewed when feeling dull, so there is no need to trash them. Jute rugs offer unique prints, and it is easy to deal with jute fibers. Jute fibers let the workers design original prints on them and are easy to handle.

There are different companies offering jute rugs with unique and elegant designs all over the world. We found thousands of incredible ideas for Jute carpets in Dubai. Jute rugs and carpets are decoration elements but also provide us with many benefits, including a peaceful environment.

1. Jute Rugs In Living Room

The living room is a room that everyone uses. It should have soft flooring to be comfortable while walking. The print should be elegant and decent enough to be liked by everyone. It can also match the decoration theme to be welcoming for everyone. If you want it to look more decent, you can choose line art or dot prints. You can also choose a solid color if you want to keep it simple.

Use a vacuum cleaner for their cleaning on alternate days to keep them as clean as new. You can also steam-clean them after a month or two. They are not stain-resistant, but the stain on them is not as stubborn as on the other carpets. You can wash it off with hot water and a cleaner.

2. Jute Rugs In Bedrooms

Bedrooms look classy with rugs on the floor, and a jute rug enhances the look. The soft and synthetic fibers of the jute plant are easy to handle, so we can see thousands of prints on jute rugs. Bedrooms are always judged by the decor; unique prints of jute rugs give a refreshing and decorative look to your room.

Jute rugs not only increase the decor factor but also keep the room warm and dirt-free. Keep the environment clean by trapping dirt from the air with twine fibers. Jute rugs block invasive sounds from outside that create a peaceful environment.

3. Jute Rugs In Drawing Rooms

The drawing room’s floors bear foot traffic when guests visit. The noise pollution that shoes produce is irritating for the ears. Both the guest and the host feel embarrassed about it. You can reduce the sound of footsteps by adding a jute carpet or rug in your living room. They are sound-absorbing, and their fibers, because of their softness, don’t let the shoe produce noise.

Jute rugs come in different styles and designs, which is the best thing for decoration. You can match the print with your room decoration to make it welcoming. You can also place them under furniture to give your drawing room a decent look.

4. Jute Rug for Your Pet

Pets love having a soft surface under them. They love to play with the rugs. Jute rugs provide a natural look because they are made of plant fibers and are therefore not damaging to your pets. These rugs are easy to clean, so if they get spoiled by a pet, they can be washed. Pets love to have a soft place to sleep. Jute rugs provide a calm environment for them.

The only thing people suffer from is getting rid of pet hair on the rugs. Jute rugs also capture them, but you can use a simple remedy to avoid inconvenience. Sprinkle some baking soda on the rug and vacuum-clean it. Baking soda drags the hair up, and the problem is solved.

5. Jute Rug in T.V. Lounge 

Almost everyone loves to eat while watching a show. The carpets and rugs in the TV lounge are prone to getting stains on them. Jute rugs are easy to maintain with simple cleaning methods. You can ask professionals to get a specific cleaner for them. Chemicals in detergents may lead them toward shedding. Jute rugs also keep the environment warm in winter.

Some Useful Care Tips For A Jute Rug

Just like everything needs care to be long-lasting, jute rugs also need care.

  • They do not need to have a daily cleaning routine, but if they bear heavy foot traffic, they should be cleaned daily with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you can vacuum-clean them on alternate days to keep them clean.
  • You can add a steam cleaning or hand-wash cleaning method to their monthly cleaning routine to keep them lasting.
  • If your jute rugs have any stains, try to wash them off as soon as possible.
  • Try to use a special rug cleaner instead of one that contains different chemicals.
  • Monitor them if they are under furniture, drag them out for some time after two or three weeks, and let their fibers breathe.

To Sum Up

Jute rugs contain fibers from the jute plant, which is known for its softness. These fibers also keep the environment clean and warm. Jute rugs add color to your life with unique prints. Besides being a decorating element, they are sound insulators. They make walking feel comfortable.

Like other rugs, they also trap dirt particles from the air to keep the environment healthy, but they are easy to clean with simple cleaning methods. With an easy care routine, you can make them long-lasting. You can add vacuuming to their almost daily care routine, and you can steam-clean them monthly.