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Professional Methods Used for Clogged Drain Cleaning



Clogged drains are a very perilous and frustrating thing that happens commonly to the drains. However, with proper sewer inspection.

We can save ourselves from the hectic and disturbing phenomenon of more ambiguous issues. Now there have been many high-tech techniques available to sort out drain cleaning issues for example CCTV drain surveytechnique, air burst methods, hydro jetting, etc.

We can use different methods ranging from simple to professional to get rid of nasty drain clogs. The ultimate result we achieve by applying different techniques and methods is a clean pipe that will last for a longer time without creating any further issues.

Grease, dirt, debris, tree intrusions, and many others could be the possible reasons for a drain clog. Whatever may be the reason, they will lead to water pooling around drains, gurgling sounds, awfully bad smells, and the list goes on.

Getting rid of a clogged drain or doing the drain cleaning can be as simple as using some DIY method and it could be as complex as a professional using a CCTV to inspect the drain before cleaning. The type of clog decides which method will be more suitable to get rid of it.

Professional Drain Cleaning Methods         

Drain cleaning is a task that can either be solved using simple home remedies or it can be as severe as calling a professional to get your drain inspected.

This means it can range from very simple to very complex. Therefore, we have gathered a list of methods from your knowledge that you can use to get your drains cleaned.

  1. Motorized Drain Snakes

Many of you will be familiar with the term drain snakes. They are a simple tool available in many households. It is mainly use to get rid of clogs manually. A drain snake is name as a plumbing auger. It is a long, supple tool that has a thickness of nearly ¼ inches.

On one end there is a hand crank and on the other end, there is a corkscrew. However, a motorized drain snake is an advanced form of a simple plumbing auger. This is an automatic type of drain auger that has more competence and efficiency in breaking or pulling out the clogs.

It only needs an experience technician to operate it properly.

It is use in the following way.

  • A coil of wire is extended to go down the drain.
  • Make sure that the crooked end of the auger has reached the clog.
  • After reaching the desired point, start the motor.
  • The snake will start boring the clog.
  • The clog will ultimately break or will be pulled out.
  • This tool is able to handle nearly any type of clog no matter how tough or strong.
  1. Drain Cleaning by Hydro Jetting

A hydro jet is also an automatic, motorize device used for drain cleaning. The basic technology use in this tool is high water pressure. The device contains a hosepipe and a nozzle. The pressurize water from the device melts and breaks down nearly every type of clog easily.

This method is very suitable for long drains as the pressure of water easily reaches the end of the drain to remove any type of clog or obstruction. However, the high water pressure is difficult to handle and can cause hazards. Therefore, this tool is to be used by professionals only.

This tool works in the following way.

  • First you have to push the nozzle down the drain.
  • Make sure that the nozzle is inside the drain in order to avoid splashes of water outside the drain.
  • You keep one end of the hosepipe connected to the motor outside.
  • When the nozzle has reached the clog or is inside the drain properly, turn on the motor.
  • A high-pressure jet of water will start coming out of the nozzle that will be strong enough to break any clog.
  • The hydro jet works at a pressure level of 35000 PSI. Therefore, only professional technicians should handle the device in order to prevent hazards.


  1. CCTV Drain Inspection

Drain cleaning is not as simple as people think. Many people use homemade remedies to get rid of the clogs and most of the time they succeed as well. However, not all clogs are that much easy to handle. Some drain clogs are complex and need proper inspection or survey to determine where the actual problem exists.

For this, the CCTV drain survey is used by plumbers to see where the clog lies inside the drain and what level of problem they are going to deal with. Moreover, this method is also used to inspect buried and hidden pipes. This method works in the following way.

  • A CCTV drain inspection consists of a mini camera with an LED light.
  • This camera is attached to a monitor screen through a fiber-optic cable.
  • The camera is sent down into the drain.
  • Once the camera reaches the point of the problem, it starts sending a video feed to the monitor.
  • The plumber watches the video carefully and tries to find out the actual problem.
  • After that, he decides what could be a possible solution to remove the clog and clean the drain.

  1. Drain Cleaning by Air Burst Method

This method uses a burst of carbon dioxide gas to remove clogs and clean the drains. The method uses accelerated gases to get rid of the clogs. This method is way more effective and efficient as compared to traditional chemical cleaners.

It can easily work for clogs that are deep down the drains. It is also not harmful to the pipes like toxic chemical cleaners.

Final Words

A clog is sometimes not taken seriously and people try DIY methods to get rid of it. However, some clogs are complex and professional methods are need to clear them, or else they can be very disastrous and disruptive.