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Solutions To 5 Geyser Problems In 5 Minutes That You Might Encounter




As winter continues to spread across the nation, each home is occupied with one thing in mind, “hot water showers”. It doesn’t matter if it’s before the beginning of the day, or following a long day’s work. A hot water shower can do wonders in winter. The advantages of taking a hot bath shower are many. It helps your body relax and de-stress, which improves the quality of your sleep. Another benefit is that bathing in hot water helps in lowering blood pressure which, in turn, helps maintain a healthy heart.


Now that you’re conscious of the benefits of a hot bath it is not a problem to decide from taking one now if you’re lucky enough to encounter no issues regarding your immediate hot water system Canberra. Troubles with your hot water in Canberra could make life difficult particularly during winter months or if you’re one who likes hot water baths , regardless of the temperature.

This article is a thorough guide that lists the most common hot water system malfunctions that you might encounter and the best way to solve them.

Steam Coming From The Shower/Faucet

At times, you might be surprised when you turn on the shower or faucet and you see steam pouring out of it. This happens when the geyser’s water has reached a boiling point. If you’re experiencing such an issue, be sure to test the temperature and the pressure settings. You might need to adjust the valves in order that you can take your bath with ease. If you notice that these valves have been damaged, contact an expert at the earliest.

Hot Water System With A Loud Roar

A loud hot water system is one you’ll want to stay clear of at all times. The sound is typically heard when you turn on the geyser and then the water immediately gets hotter. When the geyser is beginning to sound rumbling it could result from sedimentation or scaling in its bottom device. The immediate problems with your geyser can be resolved by flushing the system regularly. Certain parts of the geyser could be rusted. To prevent this from happening it is necessary to keep the tank properly.

Leaking Hot Water System

A leaky hot water system is simple to spot, but it can require some time to fix. The degree of damage depends on the extent of damage to the valves on the equipment. Geyser issues that occur in a moment arise not only because of damage to the valve, but could be caused by the pressure building up inside or from corrosion on components in the tank. The first step in fixing this is to inspect the relief valve for temperature. The valve is intended to release water out of the reservoir when pressure builds up within it. Another method to resolve this issue quickly is to locate the defective valve and replace it. If the leakage continues to decrease, then contact an expert to take an inspection of the tank.

Low Pressure Water

Pressure in water is dependent on every person’s taste. Pressure that is too low or excessive can ruin the experience of bathing and you could come out feeling more angry than when you came in. Achieving the perfect pressure throughout your bathing session keeps you satisfied and happy. If you’re experiencing such an issue, you’ll be wise to closely look at the pipe connecting your hot water system with the shower faucet. Scaling, corrosion and rust could cause blockages to the pipes, which can lead to lower pressure in the water. Regular cleaning of pipes is helpful in maintaining the hot water system.

Lack Of Hot Water

One of the main problems you might encounter when using your hot water system canberra is the fact that you don’t have enough hot water available to use. The issue could force you to spend time waiting for a new batch of hot water to be heated, or it could cause you to have cut down your bathing time, and not have enough time to unwind. One of the reasons for this is that your system could be too small. Size is an important part in the quantity of hot water you are able to make use of. If your geyser has an adequate size but you’re still having this issue make sure you check parts of the geyser like the thermostat gas pilot, heating, and thermostat valves for issues. Finding the problem and swiftly fixing it will increase the lifespan for the item.


At some point or the other we all encounter hot water problems. You can make use of the above mentioned tips to try to fix the problem, and if not get in touch with a professional to repair your hot water system canberra.