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Telltale Signs That You Need to Summon Pest and Termite Control



Houses from time to time are infested by plethora of insects leaving the inhabitants at their wits end. Frankly speaking, pest and termite infestation is the last thing that one wants to come across. The reason is while termites are detrimental for the structural integrity of the property; there are a number of pests that are threat to human health and safety.  Here is where the professional pest and termite control services come into play. Reputable pest and termite control service providers would use all their knowledge and the best tools and techniques and eco friendly pest control products to carry out extermination and control measures. These professionals will also provide inputs and advice that will help the households protect their properties from future pest and termite infestation.

Now the point is how to find whether a property has been infested by pest and termites. Well, there are certain telltale signs that will warn the household of the infestation, giving them ample time to treat and prevent things from going out of hand. On this page, let us discuss some of those signs.

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This is one of the most common signs and symptoms of pest infestation at a property. Regardless of the type of pest, they are bound to leave droppings in the garage, attic, and anywhere in the property. If the sightings are pretty regular, it is a guaranteed symptom of pest infestation.  It is imperative to hire Elite Pest and Termite Control to take actions at the earliest.

Ladybug sightings

Presence of ladybugs is not that alarming, as they do not cause that harm to the lives or the property. However, the point is that, there must be other insects in abundance, which the ladybugs would like to feed on. That’s why, most of the professional pest and termite control experts would suggest leaving theladybugs alone and find out what is attracting them.

Too Many Spiders

No one would like to see this disgusting, creepy eight-legged creature indoors. Yet, every household may come acrossthem once in a blue moon. However, if spider sightings keep on getting regular and there are cobwebs and spider eggs at the nook and crannies that is a matter ofconcern. There has to be other insects that the spiders are feeding on. Again, that’s the reason enough to summon the professionals.

Unusual smell, here and there

If there is foul smell in the nook and cranny of home, it is probably the sign of the presence of rodents like raccoons and rats. In fact, experts say that foul smell in the house indicates pestinfestation. That’s the reason, it s imperative to summon professional pest and termite control service.

Sightings of Body Parts

Insects leave body parts behind. Thus,discarded wings and shaded scales, limbs are common signs of pest infestation. So, if there are too much frequent sightings of body parts, it is imperative to hire specialist pest control service providers.


Pest infestation is something that has to be addressed pretty early before things go out of hand. The reason is pretty simple. The sooner it is the easier and less expensive it will be to eliminate the pests and lead a safe and healthy life.

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