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Khati Assamese: A New Sensation on Social Media



Khati Assamese: A New Sensation on Social Media

Assamese culture is a rich blend of various indigenous tribes and has been influenced by the northeastern states of India. It’s known for its vibrant tradition of music, dance, and literature.

In recent years, social media has become a significant part of the way people consume, produce, and circulate cultural expressions and identities. A new Instagram meme page called “Khati Assamese” has taken the Assamese community by storm, by providing a comedic perspective on various aspects of Assamese culture and society.

The page was founded by Diplu Kingkar Das, a resident of Assam. It features a wide range of memes, written exclusively in the Assamese language, that covers a wide range of topics, from poking fun at the everyday struggles of living in small towns, to celebrate the popular festival of Bihu. The memes are cleverly crafted and often use sarcasm and irony to highlight social issues and cultural norms in a humorous way.

With thousands of followers from across the region and beyond, the page has become a hub for the Assamese-speaking community to express themselves and connect with others who share a similar sense of humor. In addition to the memes posted by the page’s creator, the page’s community of followers also contributes by frequently sharing their own memes, thereby keeping the content fresh and engaging.

Not only providing entertainment, the page has also been successful in bringing attention to various social issues and cultural norms through its memes. The page has become a reflection of the Assamese culture and society, showcasing it in a relatable and humorous way. “Khati Assamese” is a must-see for anyone interested in the Assamese culture.

For more information and to join the community of followers, please visit the Instagram page at @khati_assamese or visit the website


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