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Who is Sal Khan?



Sal Khan of Miami, Florida, not to be confused with Sal Khan of the Khan Academy, is bringing his expertise to the podcast zone. As host of The Gifting Tribe Pod, Khan has pledged to send the first 10,000 followers $1 through crypto currency’s. Sal khan has become a seven figure investor after utilizing crypto to enhance his portfolio, and now he wants to share the tools from his belt with the rest of the world. The first episode spoke about persistence when you are looking for a result and mentions that persistence manifests in business everyday. Sal Khan wants to help people experience the best out of life by sharing his knowledge and the steps needed for obtaining financial success. The Gifting Tribe podcast has shown to be a place of empowerment and in sports room to help build more financial leaders of the world. Sal Khan wants everyone to experience the finer things in life, and he believes that it all starts with receiving knowledge and giving it back to those who need it the most.

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