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How Ramp Talent Tackles the Wave of Layoffs in the Tech Sector Amid the Recession



RAMP Talent - Recruiting and Staffing Firm
RAMP Talent Team

Many companies find it difficult to hire during a recession. Your goal is to gain a competitive advantage when you recover from the economic downturn with the right candidate. Nonetheless, finding great talent can be a challenge and can take more time than expected. Due to the decrease in job orders, you’ll have to go through a lot more interviews as the pool of candidates increases. With fewer applicants, some fields are even more challenging. Both situations are where RAMP Talent comes in.

With the recent wave of mass layoffs in the tech sector, the company understands that a flawless recruiting process is a fundamental part of the growth of all companies. RAMP recently announced their new offerings consisting of providing their services to companies on a monthly retainer basis to give them the flexibility to operate without having to worry about paying staffing firms thousands of dollars on an hourly basis to go through hundreds of unqualified candidates.

Companies rely on recruiting and staffing firms now more than ever with the surge of applications coming their way. RAMP helps their clients save time and focus on doing what they do best by shortlisting candidates, interviewing applicants, and onboarding them, which ultimately provides hiring managers with their time back. In this hiring landscape, organizations need to understand the benefit of working with a firm like RAMP.

With a solid reputation as a hiring company, RAMP Talent has cemented its place in the recruitment market. In the height of the pandemic and now during the recession, their unique approach has helped companies find the right candidate.

When asked about the choice of offering this new approach, Ben Martinez, Founder of RAMP Talent commented: “This is a unique time to hire, unemployment is still low but there has been an increase in available people for jobs due to some of the recent layoffs. We work with companies that have displaced workers and match them with jobs across the technology industry. Many candidates are being cautious about where they work next and are looking for good leaders and at the same time the financial stability of their future employer. 

RAMP Talent mainly provides start-ups and high-growth companies with a step-change in building a team. Due to the highly competitive talent game, RAMP uses a variety of digital tools to create analytically driven processes that speed up the recruiting process and consider all variables when hiring and staffing. With this economic downturn and waves of applicants, an approach like RAMP becomes vital to saving organizations capital and resources when hiring and staffing.

The company takes pride in upholding 5 unique values, which make up a key component of its authenticity. In order for RAMP to achieve its goal of helping clients and making an impact, it follows values like Hustling, Being Hungry, Being Humble, Going Hard in Everything They Do, and Being Happy. In the last five years of operation, those core values have allowed the company to thrive and contribute to building a strong culture.

To learn more about how Ben and the team at RAMP Talent can help you with all your staffing and hiring needs during this recession, visit their website here.

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