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Colin Yurcisin – The Credit Consultant Taking The Internet By Storm



Colin Yurcisin - The Credit Consultant Taking The Internet By Storm

Financial planning is often very difficult for individuals and businesses, especially when dealing with credit. It’s hard to tell who’s giving you good advice, and who’s just telling you what they think you want to hear. That’s why Colin Yurcisin quit his job to become a credit consultant.

Yurcisin, 23, was working as a district sales manager in his hometown of Robbinsville, New Jersey when he realized that he wanted to follow his entrepreneurial dreams. So, he quit his job and became a financial advisor.

Colin specializes in helping people repair, build and maintain their credit. Credit is often a scary word for people. Everyone knows what it is, but few understand how it works. Colin is here to help.

His first order of business when working with a new client is helping them build their credit to a score of about 700. Once that is accomplished he helps them with investment strategies and business planning. He has helped many people and businesses get loans to kick start their companies and continue to build them.

Colin wants to help people achieve a sense of financial freedom, and help them take advantage of all the ways they can save money when dealing with credit. He is an expert on travel hacking strategies and utilizing credit rewards to knock a massive chunk off travel costs. Things like this are very easy to take advantage of, but often go underutilized.

Yurcisin developed a passion for financial planning because he saw it as a way that he could help others. He has seen firsthand what credit repair scammers can do and that pushes him to want to learn everything possible about the world of credit. He himself will tell you that he hasn’t always been an expert. When he got his first credit card at 21, he didn’t know much about it at all, but he started learning everything he possibly could.

His credit mix is currently 20 open accounts and he keeps all his balances under 3% utilization while having all the top named cards. He is incredibly credit savvy and is teaching all of his clients all of the practices that have gotten him to where he is now.

Colin is a big believer in starting financial education at an early age. He wants to change the way kids are taught about personal finance. His goal is to create a high school credit course that is available to everyone.

Yurcisin is very passionate about the financial industry and helping people become more financially responsible. He is focused on continuing to grow his brand and would like to start traveling around the world teaching people about credit.

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