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A 19 y/o entrepreneur who is fighting against the status quo



Like most people PΔSX was just a usual kid who had a good life, but not as good as what he was wishing to have. He spent time finding ways to change his life. This led to him dropping

Like most people PΔSX was just a usual kid who had a good life, but not as good as what he was wishing to have. He spent time finding ways to change his life. This led to him dropping out of college to finally do what he loved, entrepreneurship. Now he’s doing Shopify dropshipping and helping people build or scale their brands through his SMMA.

Hey! What are some of your accomplishments?

PΔSX: Being in the top 10 list of the youngest successful dropshippers. Creating 10+ 6 or 7 figure online businesses till now. Inspiring more than 40 thousands people on a daily basis and building one of the best social media marketing agencies in the world. The best part is that I did all of that by the age of 18.

What differentiates you from everyone else in your field?

PΔSX: I don’t just show off and flex on Instagram. I do what I love, just for me. There is no need to spend your time telling people your biggest achievements or how cool the night club that you went to yesterday was, how cool you are or how much money you have etc. I don’t think Jeff Bezos or any billionaire out there did that at all, so why should I?

What would you say to someone who came to you for advice about taking ‘the leap of faith’ into entrepreneurship?

PΔSX: Take action. Not tomorrow. NOW! The biggest mistake of young entrepreneurs mainly, is that they always find a problem and not the solution. They always make excuses, something that I hate the most. They have to understand that money= time and time=money. As long as you’re making excuses and not taking action, you lose.

What were the biggest entrepreneurship lessons you learned from your experience dropshipping?

PΔSX: My journey was all about being willing to reach the top. What I learned from this is that launching and growing an online company is a ton of work. Your plate will always be full, and you’ll never feel like there’s enough time in the day. So the most important thing, after all, should be your productivity level and your lifestyle. You will always have to keep a balance between your life and your laptop, otherwise, this kind of internet stuff is not for you.

What inspired you to start dropshipping and SMMA?

PΔSX: Seeing people being successful, I remember telling myself “why are you not one of them” and I couldn’t find a reasonable answer, cause I knew I could be there too.

What is your personal definition of success?

PΔSX: Success means being proud of what you did, proud of where you are and most importantly proud of what you have become. Success is that stage of your life where you can look back and say “I lived my life as I wanted to and this is exactly where I want to be”. Success is also about other people and our influence on them. If we manage to help someone and improve their life as we improve ours, then we can call ourselves successful. At my death, would those I leave behind say I was successful? I doubt it! I suggest a focus on significance-using your time and talent to serve others and pursuing your goals from day to night – that’s my definition of true, meaningful success.

What is the best way for someone to reach you if they are interested in working with you?

They could find me through Instagram, IG name: pasx_xv or at my company’s offices aka Gold Rush Media, located in Athens, Greece.

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