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A success journal – Interview with Digital Marketer, King Robert Kehinde



King Robert Kehinde


I am King Robert Kehinde, more commonly known by most by my first two names “King Robert”. I am a Nigerian from the south-south region; to be precise, Delta State and I come from a family of five with my family residing in Nigeria. I am 32 years and will be 33 on the 14th of January 2020. I am the founder of Influencers Hub Digital Agency. Apart from being a digital marketer, I dabble in Network Engineering and web development.


Beginning your Enterprise

In the year 2016, I started Influencers hub digital agency under the name African Street Blog. Before I started this company, I had been job hunting for a while, and I wasn’t getting any positive feedback. In a bid to keep myself busy, I resorted to blogging – writing sports articles. After kick-starting my blogging, I needed a decent platform to exhibit my craft, so I decided to go into programming in a bid to acquire skills that would be sufficient enough to help me build a website for myself. It went further than that when I was done learning and I went on to monetize it. I began to build websites for people, and I got paid. These funds were used in setting up my business.

As a seasoned brand influencer, I have been signed to various agencies from the United States, I reflected on my stance and decided that it was time to bring it to Africa. The entire idea revolved around helping creatives with a platform that would help showcase their work and help attract people in need of their services, people who could utilize their social status to spread the word about their services. As the former name implies (African Street Blog), Influencers Hub digital agency was previously a blog. The blog was a platform for a diverse number of creatives all over the continent to share their content.

In 2018, I decided to re-brand, and the name changed from African Street Blog to Influencers hub digital agency. Following its re-branding, it became incorporated in Nigeria.
Currently, Influencers hub digital agency is a full digital corporation that provides content for brands and individuals; we also have content creators and influencers from different parts of the world.


Identifying challenges to your business and overcoming them

One of the challenges that I got slapped with was getting clients. The niche for influencers had been created successfully in other parts of the world, but in Nigeria, it was still in its early stages, so getting the brands to work with influencers was hard. In Nigeria, influencers tend to look towards getting endorsement deals from top celebrities, but I believe that it goes way past that. It is as simple as getting an influencer with ten thousand active and attentive followers. It is not really about the follower count to me, it is about the returns that can be pulled in by the influencer; the influencer’s influence.

To maneuver this obstacle, I yielded to educating brands and having my company’s work speak for us by running free campaigns. These free campaigns were successful and very convincing. This earned Influencers Hub Digital agency referrals from them.


Motivation Source

My most noteworthy sources of inspiration in the world of technology are Garyvee and Cardon Grant. I admire the fact that they have been able to create a legacy that will last for a very long time. Despite the success they have acquired, they continually try to do better and there is nothing more inspiring than that. I am also motivated when I see young people going the extra mile and doing extraordinary things. I also love and draw inspiration from the work ethics of Cristiano Ronaldo.

I am inspired by people that work hard and go all out to ensure they accomplish what they have set to achieve without wavering in their pursuit either from challenges or praises.


A word for budding Influencers who want success in the field

I believe that anyone who has an extensive online presence and the capability to command respect from a number of people can tow a career path as an influencer.

Attempting success should not be your goal rather, trying to improve yourself should be the goal. Constancy is key however it is not enough. The drive to be better is extremely essential. Success is not doing the same thing repeatedly and getting similar results, it’s about being able to better the results at each try. I am a believer in surrounding yourself with people who challenge you to do better. This serves as a check and keeps you motivated and inspires the innovative side of you in order for you to do better and go further.

A good example of people who attain success because of their consistency and desire to be better is a lot of musical and performance artists. They constantly release new and improved records in order to stay relevant. Your goal should be trying to stay relevant in the midst of your success.

I am a content creator with a lot of passion for my work. I have been writing since the age of six so it is safe to say that it is my second nature. Writing is art and like all things art, it is very liberating. I would love to say I have a hobby that does not include the creative process but I don't. Relatively introverted. Total foodie. Addicted to YouTube.