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Accomplished Rapper Hoodrich $langa’s Inspiring Journey from Rags to Riches



Hoodrich $langa

Life was not easy at all for rapper Hoodrich $langa, who was born King Bando, as he grew up without the proper supervision of his parents. Instead of letting the apparent lack of guidance be an excuse to live an unproductive life, he used it as motivation to make something good out of his situation. His is a story of perseverance and survival that a lot of people can draw inspiration from. 

King grew up in Fayette, Mississippi, and was strongly influenced by the popular music of 50 Cent, Z-Ro, Twista, T.I., and Nelly. At the young age of seven years old, he already showed potential in the area of music. He kept at it until he reached junior high school, where his talent for songwriting and rapping became more pronounced. He started to write serious songs and eventually put out a rap group composed of his peers. Some of the songs he worked on include “Our Situation,” “So Fly,” and “Big Blocks.”

The group started to perform in pep rallies held at the school, giving them an avenue to be exposed to a big crowd. Despite his predicament at home, King was able to finish high school while developing his music skills at the same time. He did all this with determination as he did not want to end up living in the streets. After finishing high school, King acquired a certificate in welding in 2010. Interestingly, the young artist was able to balance his welding career with his efforts to make new songs. In 2017, he finally had enough saved up to start investing in a rental property and his music career at the same time. 

In the same year, King found himself doing motivational talks, working to help his community, and becoming their neighborhood’s primary activist. Understanding how difficult life can get for many, King also actively made efforts to help homeless families and individuals in his community. With the pandemic affecting so many homeless people, King donated $10,000 to be used to house a homeless family. He used a portion of his earnings from a successful business deal that generated a total of $30,000 with the help of his lawyer, Michelle Iuber. 

He also set aside $5,000 to be donated to the less fortunate in his community. He is also setting aside another $5,000 to be used to purchase face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, food, and water for the homeless. A Facebook campaign that he did on his page went viral recently as he generously gave out giveaways to five of his loyal fans. A similar initiative is underway at the moment. 

In 2017, King finally had his first booking and performed his singles “Take a Ride” and “Suck It” at Gulfport, Mississippi. Before the year ended, King launched his own clothing line, the Hoodrich Things. He succeedingly founded his own company before the year ended and called it R.B.A. Records, L.L.C. 

After having spent ten productive years as a welder and million-dollar earnings, King finally decided to concentrate on developing his music. He was able to collaborate with T-Rell for his single “Money Talk.” Another collaboration was born with Nino Brown in 2019 for his single “Bust It Open.” The two artists later performed the single in Port Gibson and Baton Rouge. 

King is a walking example of how perseverance and the right attitude can change someone’s destiny. He may have started out as poor, but with enough determination, he now lives comfortably and is able to help the less fortunate in whatever way he can. 

For more information, visit Hoodrich $langa’s website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. 

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