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An Exclusive Interview with Reece Larkin Founder of Blackcorn on the Importance of Work Ethics



Reece Larkin

Reece Larkin is the founder of Blackcorn, a marketing agency that works closely with clients on innovative and creative campaigns to help them achieve their marketing objectives.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, it requires consistency and hard work which are all attributes that Reece Larkin possesses. His drive for success is extraordinary, and it’s one of the reasons he has been able to come this far.

In this interview, Reece Larkin shares the various attributes that have contributed to his success and how he was able to overcome multiple challenges to come this far.

1. What special skills or attributes have helped you so far in your journey to success

I’ve always had a strong work ethic which I learnt from my parents. Once I set a goal for myself, I aim to see it through no matter what.

Hard work doesn’t bother me, I actually thrive on it. I haven’t changed my work ethic from inception to now and this is the one thing that I believe has helped me in my journey to success in these few years.

Also, one of the occasions that brought about my growth was when I interned at SpellBrand while I was in university. SpellBrand is a leading London branding agency and I was able to learn a whole lot from the managing director, Mash Bonigala. I learnt from him vital points needed to run a successful business, he also showed me the importance of being able to service clients on a day to day basis.  I owe a lot to Mash as he pretty much set me on the path to success.

2. Have you ever faced obstacles that have caused you to think of quitting? If yes, How did you overcome them?

The only time I quit was the university. And I did it because it was holding back my potential to realise my entrepreneurial dreams. Making the decision to quit ignited a fire in my belly to set out and work for what I wanted. It didn’t take long for my passion and happiness to improve, and with this new mindset, I was able to continually improve on myself.

3. Where did the inspiration to create your brand come from?

Being in the creative industry, I wanted a brand that would be cool, unusual, and memorable. That’s why I named our social media & PR agency, Blackcorn – I like the name, it is unique, memorable and often gets people asking ‘who is Blackcorn, what does it do?’

4. How do you manage to stay productive and avoid stress?

For me personally, I find being held accountable helps drive productivity. In the morning I will write down what I want to achieve for the day and I find that having a ‘to-do’ list keeps my mind focused and forces me not to procrastinate but to actually get stuff done!

Having my to-do list puts me in a much more positive mindset and there is something satisfying in being able to cross things off, knowing that you have achieved what you set out to do.

Also, I have learnt to recognise my stress trigger points and deal with them accordingly. Everyone reacts to stress differently but as soon as I start to feel stress mounting, I will write down the causes and take a step back, and try and look at the task in a positive way and work my way through it at a slower and more practical pace.

Keeping yourself balanced is key to maintaining a healthy relationship with stress; we will all face stressful situations so recognising the triggers and finding a method that suits you will be key at being able to balance the highs and lows.

5. What problem does Blackcorn aim to solve

We don’t want brands to come with us with problems to solve, we want them to come to us because they want to be seen and heard!

We understand the complexities around marketing and can help clients know which aspect is best for their business objectives. We offer a range of solutions and often end up with bespoke marketing packages to ensure that Blackcorn is setting out to achieve the client’s goals.

We like our relationship with our clients to be a two-way thing and we want to be seen as an invaluable asset to our clients


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