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An Exclusive Interview With The Founder Of Kings Of Content; Josiah Begley



Josiah Begley

I got the chance to speak with Josiah Begley, the founder of King Of Content, a couple of weeks ago. Kings of content are a videography and advertising firm that creates quality video content for its clients at an affordable price.   

During the course of the interview, Josiah shared some challenges that he experienced on his journey, and he also shared the steps he took in dealing with them. He also shares tips that would prove helpful for anyone embarking on a journey to success.

Here’s our chat;


How Did You Become The Man Your Are Today?

I had a tough life and a troubled past. Back then, I got into a lot of trouble with the law and didn’t lead a decent life. But at some point, I realized that I wanted to get my life back on track and, at least, make an impact on someone’s life. 

It took some time to put things in place, but I finally got a job in a videography firm and served everyone to the fullest! While working at the firm, I landed my first client, and he paid me 75$ an hour. I kept on putting in the work, and it launched a series of chain reactions. The rest is history.


What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

The only challenges I faced were humbling myself and realizing that I need help. At first, I was trying to work harder, but I realized that I just needed to be intentional about where my time was going. Instead of focusing on working harder, I focused on how to get things done quicker in a different way. 

I became outcome-focused. I started delegating tasks to capable individuals and built a team around them. This has helped me build a unique brand and get whatever task that comes my way done.


 How Do You Help Your Clients Reach Their Goals

I help customers reach their goals by revealing to them that’s it not only a cool video that converts customers. It’s actually the context of that video that important. People say content is king, but I really think context is king.

You can make a dope video for any company, but it doesn’t mean it will convert leads. Here’s is a three-step formula for creating the perfect video;

First, you have to entertain the viewers, make them stop whatever they are doing to watch your video, grab their attention with something fun. Second would be to educate them, help them learn something new in the video. 

And finally, execution time. Place a call to action in your video to let the viewer know what the next step is.

Entertainment is the hook; education is the context, and execution is the call to action. 


What Is Your Biggest Source Of Inspiration

I would have to say  God, Jesus Christ. Each day I strive to emulate Jesus’s steps and impact the world as much as he so. The thought of being able to help someone in need whenever they approach me gives me all the inspiration I need to push further., 


Give Advice To Any One Striving For Success

Make sure you’re passionate about whatever you’re doing, don’t give in to pressure from friends and family. Do something that excites you. 

The reason I say this us because hard times will come your way, and without passion, you will give up on the spot.

Another piece of advice I would like to share is to commit at the beginning fully; set expectations. With expectations, you will always expect the tough situations that lay ahead. 

The last piece of advice would be finding a mentor; mentors guide you on your journey to success. They make the path shorter and warn you about mistakes. If you don’t have access to a mentor, try reading books written by people who have achieved success in your field.


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