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An Interview with Maxim Trubitski On How E-commerce Has Transformed His Life



Maxim Trubitski

I know when I was a kid I certainly wasn’t making money or building a business, some people are just born with that drive from a very young age. Meet Maxim Trubitski, a young entrepreneur who has set himself up for life through e-commerce.


Let’s trackback to when you first started. What was going through your mind and what inspired you to start?

I used to be like everyone else. I focused on doing well in school and spending my free time playing video games and scrolling through social media. My family are immigrants, who were just happy to learn the language and get 9-5 jobs – I had no one to guide me on my journey to success. So I came to the conclusion that if I read

studied four or five hours a day, scored 1600 on my SAT, got a 4.0 GPA, and got accepted into the best college in the world- one day I would become successful. I led this lifestyle until I finally realized that if I put the same vigor into my passion, an online business, I could see similar success to that of my studies (I was at the top of my class and studied literature, philosophy, and psychology daily).


How has e-commerce changed your life?

Ecommerce has transformed my life in every way possible. It gave me financial freedom and the ability to have more fun with my friends than I could ever imagine. It gave me a purpose. I felt fulfilled creating amazing projects and systems from scratch. My coaching made me happy— seeing so many students change their lives using the products & systems I created for them. When you launch a successful Ecom business, it only takes 20/30 min a day to continue scaling it- and if you outsource the marketing, the income is completely passive. Since I had a lot of time on my hands at the start, I decided to help out a couple of friends launch their business, and then their friends, and then their friend’s friends, until everyone in my city and neighborhood wanted my help with Ecom. It became my passion to generate student results- I spent months and months building the best product I can that teaches people to start this low barrier entry but a scalable business model. It’s an incredible feeling seeing students change their lives. I had many students master the business model from scratch and become my partners, bringing their creativity and intelligence into my own Ecommerce businesses- improving my results.


We understand you have been public speaking for many years now, teaching others how to scale a business through e-commerce. What made you want to start teaching?

I had no clue where to start- and after a number of failed and half-successful businesses – like modeling management, a clothing brand, and a party business – I eventually chose to master Ecommerce & marketing because of the potential I saw in it! I had tried a number of different businesses before trying Ecommerce! They each only made me a couple of hundred dollars altogether. I had a friend who was already doing decent monthly revenue tell me about Ecom. I was captivated right away. The business model was perfect- it depended entirely on me and my ability,

and so I was sure that if I mastered it I’d be successful. I would wake up at 9 am and work till 4 am with zero breaks. Wake up at 9 am- then work for 19 hours straight. I was learning everything I could about the business model. The more research I did about selling products online, the more I realized that it’s the perfect industry for me to get started in. I saw incredible online brands seeing great numbers. I remember when the Dollar Shave Club, a brand I was studying, sold for $1 billion… using similar strategies advertising online to bring in customers.


Would you change anything from the past if you could do things again?

I wouldn’t change anything on my journey here, because I’m really proud of the results I was able to achieve before even graduating high school. Not every successful entrepreneur gets to say they became a millionaire at 18 years old. I had incredible experiences throughout my last couple of years- getting to visit all ends of the world with my friends and family- while staying in the most beautiful Airbnb’s and hotels- motivating my students and followers that anything is possible! I just followed the money and stayed consistent with my strategies, and really honed in on one business model instead of having the shiny object syndrome and continuously trying something new. I chose the most scalable business model in the world- selling products online (there are trillions and trillions of dollars of products sold online) and I wouldn’t spend the last few years mastering any other business model!


Has Covid 19 had any effect on your business? Or living in general?

Covid-19 has allowed me to scale my business even further, as my business model takes place entirely online. Ecommerce sales have multiplied and multiplied because of the number of online spending consumers are doing. Shopify & Amazon are seeing similar daily revenue to that which they see on Black Friday. Before the quarantine, only about 10-15% of all retail sales took place online. While as I’m answering this question, more than half of all retail sales are online. I always knew online sales would be the future- and I was always prepared when the opportunity arose to continue growing.


Define what success means to you?

Success means freedom, happiness, passion, impact. Not everything is about how much money you make. The money will come when you’re happy that you’re on a journey of change. That you have the freedom and you’re not dependent on anyone. When you have a passion for the product you’re creating.


Other than work, what are some other things you like to get up to? Are you binge-watching any new Netflix series at the moment?

During the quarantine, I’ve been binge-watching courses. I’ve binge-watched courses on Youtube Ads, Snapchat Ads, Fitness, etc. I love learning in my free time. Apart from that, I’ve begun taking fitness a lot more seriously. Working out one or two hours at the start of my day. I love optimizing every aspect of my life to 1%!


If you had to choose one social media platform which would you choose and why?

I would choose Instagram because I have the most amount of followers and students on there who I love sharing my tips and strategies with! My eCom ads are also most profitable on Instagram.

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