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An Interview With One of The Most Successful Hypnotists In The World: Tyler the Hypnotist



An Interview With One of The Most Successful Hypnotists In The World: Tyler the Hypnotist

Tyler the Hypnotist is a  hypnotherapist who’s transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals by assisting them in achieving their dreams and aspirations through revolutionary techniques such as Hypnotherapy.

Over the years, Tyler’s been on a mission to heal the world and change the populace’s conception of hypnosis as a bad thing.

I got to speak with Tyler a few days ago, and we had quite an interesting conversation, here’s our chat;

So Tyler, tell me about yourself.


Well, I’m a personal development hypnotist who’s changed the lives of over a thousand local and international clients. 

Throughout my life, I experienced pain and regret. I was too shy to ask for the things I wanted and was too afraid to leave the comforting allure of conformity.

It wasn’t until I went to a hypnosis event that I realized that the entire world was in pain.

At the event, I saw successful individuals, who were undoubtedly more confident than I was, break down in tears. At that moment, I allowed myself to feel the world’s pain. 

The pain is coming from all these individuals who wear masks of happiness while they are being torn apart from the inside. 

That pain allowed me to make a decision an answer my calling. 

Ever since that day, I’ve healed the pain of over 1400 people and trained over 900 hypnotists online by revealing the secrets of hypnosis to them; I can teach anybody in this art.

What are your thoughts on hypnosis?


Hypnosis is the most important psychological tool on the planet. 

Most times, when we communicate with people, we are speaking to their subconscious mind.

If you want to inspire change or action, you need to start with the subconscious.

Hypnosis is subliminal persuasion. And the subconscious mind is powerful. So powerful that you can create entire realities with it. 

It’s sort of like a dream. When you’re in a dream, it’s a subconscious reality. You’re usually not aware that you’re in a dream because it feels so real, but when you wake up, you realize that it was just a dream.

This is how hypnosis creates powerful transformations in people. Hypnosis works right at the core and influences the subconscious mind on the deepest level possible.

And I think the best way to use hypnosis is to heal others with it. 

I believe hypnosis should be taught in schools because, if everyone knew about this tool, the world would feel less pain.

What are the most significant challenges you’ve faced on your journey as a hypnotist?


Initially, the biggest challenge I faced as a hypnotist was the overwhelming objections and criticism I received.

At first, I didn’t know how to respond to people who said, “I can’t be hypnotized ” or “hypnotist doesn’t work for me.” 

I recall introducing myself as a hypnotist and being entirely ignored by 9 out of 10 people I walked up to. 

As I hypnotized more people, I got very good at handling these objections, which eventually turned me into a great salesman.

Now when someone tells me hypnosis doesn’t work on them, they end up in a deep trance on the floor within 10 seconds.

What values and principles have gotten you this far?


I live my life and run my business according to these five principles which I contribute my success to;

  • Relationships with customers come first. 
  • My Client’s success is my mine as well.
  • I Always Promote Positivity
  • I Always Take Responsibility
  • I Stay Curious and Explore!

What’s your favorite book?


My favorite book of all time would have to be the forbidden keys to persuasion. 

This book reveals more about human nature than any other book I’ve read, and it explains how to apply its principles in your life.

Even though it was a book that studied the persuasion tactics of cult leaders, you can use the same tactics in an ethical way for sales, marketing, and hypnosis.


On a parting note, what piece of advice would you give to anyone who’s finding it hard to succeed in life?


If you’re finding it difficult to succeed in life, the best thing you can do is look closely at where you are now and where you want to be. 

What does the successful version of yourself look like?

What habits are different than the ones you currently have?

How does that version of you hold yourself differently?

Once you understand the difference between who you are now and who you’re meant to be, only then can you start heading in the right direction and know when you’ve gotten there.


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