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An Interview With The CEO of India’s Leading Digital Media Agency; Asli Daud



Asli Daud

Asli Daud is an entrepreneur, celebrity manager, and influencer who assisted over a thousand celebrities in growing their brand and achieving their goals.

Ever since he was a 15-year-old, Daud has always wanted to be part of something bigger. He’s always wanted to make a significant change to society. Presently, Asli had achieved most of his goals and has aided thousands of people and brought so many unrecognized talents into the limelight.

Recently, I sat down with Asli to discuss how he’s achieved all of this. He also shared some insight into achieving success in whatever industry you’re in.  Here is the interview;

What’s your perspective on life?

Being a dropout ( I’m proud of it but it’s not something I would advise you to do) I had a crystal clear picture of what I wanted to achieve in life early on. Once I established the goals I set out to make them a reality.  

Looking back, I realize that I have achieved a lot on my own without guidance. My experiences made me the man I am today. Maybe that’s why I recognize the needs of each group, each individual of the society, and cater to their needs. 

Being with every kind of person, highly civilized to nearly uncivilized, I realized that I need to help them and try harder, not for myself but for them too. I have been trying and hustling to work for the greater good, as long as I can remember.


How has your vision helped others?

I realized at an early stage that people have talents but not resources and that they can achieve great heights if supported. 

I started looking for ways to engender platforms to uplift the underprivileged. I always had a question of whether I would be able to do something different. With newfound motivation,  I summoned up courage and worked on my projects and made them into a reality. 

My project- ASLI DIGITAL MEDIA now has achieved recognition. It helps in personal branding and social media growth by the provision of personal services to brands and influencers in augmenting their public presence and sales. 

Assisting music artists, writers, and other celebs by their promotion on various platforms is also one of the key aims. Currently, I have helped 1000+ influencers and many other domain stars through my this project and talking about this instills pride in me.”


What’s your stance on building a successful business?

I’ve been into the business of digital marketing for some time now and due to this, I’ve developed a keen interest in business management. As an entrepreneur, I believe that leading a team of experts towards achieving your goals. 

You should view your business as a blessing to society. It not only solves a problem, but it also creates jobs for the populace. That’s why it’s important for you to always work on improving and perfecting your business.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always longed to help and elevate others. This is what drove me to launch my firm, over time my focus became more creative and clear.  Nowadays, I set my sights on solving problems and working efficiently with my team to create more viable solutions for the community.


How did you overcome your obstacles?

There were times when I experienced difficulties and setbacks. All of this was a part of the journey and are unavoidable, trust me.

I’ve faced literally anything you could think of. I didn’t have enough money to eat, a good place to sleep and good clothes to wear. Back then, I understood that these were all phases in life. Fast forward to today, I’m doing very well in every aspect of my life and I’m helping others achieve their goals. It’s all about how you perceive life. 

Instead of giving up and blaming everyone for misfortune, I focused on my aim and created a revolutionary firm. 

Here’s a piece of advice for anyone striving to achieve success in life; 

Focus on your goals in life and don’t let any other project distract you. Don’t be carried away by what others are doing and learn to come up with your own conclusions, and not blindly follow what people say.


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