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An Interview With The Co-Founder Of Mathly, Robert Carpenter



Co-Founder Of Mathly, Robert Carpenter Gives His Take On Achieving Success And Avoiding Stress As A Student

An interview was held with Robert Carpenter, the co-founder of Mathly, a couple of weeks ago. Mathly is an application made for the purpose of education in a bid to make learning much more fun for students in middle and high school. 

During the course of the interview, Robert shared a number of the challenges that he encountered along the way and he also shared the steps he took in dealing with them. He left behind tips that would prove helpful for anyone embarking on a journey to success.

Below is the conversation;


Where did your inspiration stem from?

The answer to that would be the students that I was privileged to teach. Math was a bore for most of them and that was where the idea for the application came from.


What is your biggest source of pride at the moment?

The achievements I have made as a student in college is my biggest pride source. I believe that I have come very far. I have transitioned from teaching colleges in Chula Vista to now creating an application that has the potential to change the world. These achievements have come about as a result of hard work and determination.


What have your biggest challenges been?

During the course of all of this, I must say that there have been a lot of challenges that have come my way but the biggest one would have to be bringing the idea of the app to life.  It was a dream that revolved around making math fun and easy to learn. Initially, it felt like I was reaching too high but that I met people who had the same dream. Before I knew it, the dream had become a reality. 

The road to success is one that you might believe should be traveled on all by yourself, I am here to tell you that it is the exact opposite. It is much easier to achieve success when you find people that share the same dreams and see the same goal as you do.


What advice would you give to a person embarking on a success journey?

To succeed at anything, you need to be an expert at it first. All the hours I spend on a daily basis perfecting my math skills have paid off. I cannot possibly think of another way to go around succeeding. There are people out there who believe that succeeding is easy and I know for a fact that it is not! In order to reap the fruit of your labor, you have to first labor. It is also important that you make up your mind not to give up because it is not going to be an easy ride. Ty

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