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An Interview With Turab Musayev on the Importance of Professional Progression



Turab Musayev

Business professional Turab Musayev has worked in the commodities space for nearly 20 years and has generated a wealth of experience.

He graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the American University in Baku in 2000. He continued his studies at the Mason Business School at the College of William & Mary in the U.S. Musayev also holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School, which he earned in 2006. He split has academic year between France and Singapore.

Beginning his career in 2002, Turab Musayev worked in finance and operations with BP Azerbaijan. He worked as a strategy analyst at Houston-based Marathon Oil and in 2006 returned to BP, working in its integrated supply and trade division in London. Musayev moved on to the commodities trading floor of Merrill Lynch in London at the gas and power desk, where he worked up until 2012. From 2012 to 2013, he worked at Macquarie Bank in London as a director in commodities trading. Since 2013, Musayev has been leading the expansion of the LNG division of SOCAR Trading.

Turab Musayev is fluent in Azeri, English, and Russian. He enjoys boxing and playing tennis, as well as reading books. He is married and has two children.


Why did you decide to pursue a career in the commodity industry?

I find the industry fascinating because it’s as old as the human race. For many years we have produced, traded, and consumed commodities. We consume in order to evolve and quickly realize that some commodities are more valuable than others. It’s interesting to see the trends in supply and demand.


What traits do you possess that make you a successful leader?

I always strive for personal growth and more knowledge. The best leaders are able to understand that they can’t know everything, so they strive to progress and gain more knowledge and education. A key factor in leadership is being able to adapt to conditions and you can only do that if you seek to continue to grow.


How do you manage your time effectively?

 I always make sure I have a list of what needs to get accomplished within the day and I rank tasks in order of importance. If there is something urgent, I will do that first. There are many tasks that aren’t as urgent that can wait until the next day. Being aware of what you have on the go is a good way to manage your time.


What advice do you have for students pursuing an MBA?

 Make sure that you know your goals and keep them in mind throughout. Aim for the top schools and make your research before you apply. Every school has its own distinct culture, strength and weaknesses. Also remember that over the last 10 years, recruitment from MBA schools has evolved. Companies value people with prior experience (among MBA students), so just getting a degree is not enough to land the dream job.

But if you keep your goals in mind and constantly remind yourself of why you are doing what you’re doing, it will help you get through it.


How is the energy industry will react to post COVID 19 world?

 There will be global trends as well as country-specific changes in the energy sector. Although we will need to see how policymakers and multinationals adapt to the new world, in some geographies trends are already being set.

Bloomberg has recently published an article on the major EU stimulus package aimed at significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the Economic Union. I believe, a series of technological advancements will follow to reduce carbon emissions, including a major step forward towards renewables and enhancements in the hydrogen economy.


 Where do you see the commodity industry in 50 years?

 I see the demand for commodities continuing to fluctuate and to move towards more sustainable energy commodities. Our fossil fuels and other resources will not last forever, so it is important to find alternative solutions. We are already seeing a lot of aspects moving towards this, but other the next 50 years I believe you’ll see more of a push in that direction.

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