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Art plus photography makes magic- Noah Ife’s photography



Noah Ife

The creative industry is on the rise and the youths are becoming steadily involved in taking over that industry. Photography is one of the growing areas in the creative industry and it’s here to stay. 

This is the story of a photographer who is ready to make a difference click by click and wants to share it with the world. I was able to get him on board to ask a few questions about his brand and he was willing to share.


Who are you and what does your brand represent?

My name is Ogunderu Ifeoluwa Noah. I’m a portrait and fashion photographer. I do contemporary and streetwear fashion. I love to capture my muse alongside the surroundings to give a good representation and pronounce the interaction between the two figures.

My sole aim in photography is to bring back art to photography. Art is something that is being forgotten by so many photographers, photography itself is a form of art and for every picture I take, I make sure it has a superior meaning and people can relate to it. I love to emphasize the artistic side of my photograph as this brings life to the picture. Art plus photography create magic.

Apart from being artistic, I also make it my priority to make anyone behind my lens feel happy and comfortable.


How did you develop an interest in photography?

Well, I have always had the interest ever since I was a kid, I remember I’ll go on websites with cool stock photos to look for very cool wallpapers and I’ll spend hours trying to decide which was nicer.

Then as time went by I figured I could create my own images and the appreciation for creativity was on the rise, it felt really good to be appreciated just by doing what you’re good at. It has always been a passion of mine and I’m glad I can share that with the world.


What brought up Noah Ife?

Noah Ife is my name and what’s better than using your name as your brand name. It’s like putting yourself out there as well as your brand. It’s made things a lot easier for me.


Achievements and Collaboration.

First, of all, my perception of achievement might differ but in my short time of honing my talent, I have been able to work with certain people. 

I have worked with an ex BBN housemate, I did a few collaboration shoots with EROS for ILE EROS. I have also gotten a few congratulations from a few top photographers that I follow and these networks alone are still a bummer. These are achievements that really can’t exchange for anything else. I hope for more as time goes on. I have also collaborated with a few photographers like Demoladrew, MidePro, Oreowolabi, and a few others.


What’s the goal in 5-10 years?

Well, truth is asides growth and recognition, I really want to be able to help anyone who desires to come into this field, it’s really not easy for a newbie in such a saturated field, not even talking about the cost of gears and equipment. If I could really help I would gladly do, that alone is a plus in my book. Besides all this, I want my work to be everywhere.


Any side interests?

Aside from photography, I’m also a Front End Developer and I play chess a lot.


What’s your motivation during hard times?

Well at first it was frustrating because it was an already saturated market and it was no place for a beginner but then I found it as an excess time to hone my skills and that’s actually what I’ve been doing and that gave me an edge. Well, the bigger picture is coming out of it all bigger and better. I know I have a lot to show the world.


How do you intend to stay relevant?

Staying true to my passion and my first love for it as well as giving value to others. Putting my work out there also.


Lessons to those willing to start.

I’m not yet grounded in the industry but I can say try as much to develop your style and not try to be like the others. You can be unique.

Keep shooting and hard work really pays.


I am a copywriter and I do PR services.