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Brady Morgan: The Next Big Thing In Finance



Brady Morgan

With everything that’s going on right now regarding the economy, tons of entrepreneurs are having a difficult time staying afloat. Whether it pertains to business or personal finance, the drastic downturn is having a negative effect on both. Brady Morgan and his company, Financial Automation, specialize in helping entrepreneurs understand their business and personal finances from a deep level, which gives them the fuel and knowledge to keep their business from sinking. 

“I’m the CEO of Financial Automation, where we consult with entrepreneurs on how they can best optimize the financial management processes within their business. Whether it deals with working capital projections, estimated tax liability, or profitability measures, we take the stress out of the unknown when it comes to finance.” Explains Brady.

Like many others, Brady started his business because he knew he was destined for more. After working at both a global investment bank and a major healthcare facility as a financial analyst, he realized that working for someone else wasn’t fulfilling. 

“My first job out of college was at UBS, one of the largest investment banks in the world and part of the Fortune 500. I’ve always had a love for finance and wanted to pursue something within that realm, but I wasn’t quite sure what that was yet. I knew I was destined for more, wanted to work for myself, and change people’s lives through finance. That’s definitely easier said than done, but here we are. Financial Automation has helped tons of entrepreneurs get a better grasp on their business, and I couldn’t be more excited for the future of it.” Remarks Brady.

Brady understands that the world of finance and entrepreneurship is very saturated, but he also states that there’s always room for improvement in certain areas. The need for a better financial management system is evident, and Financial Automation is that system. He and his team use key performance indicator calculations, revenue/expense projections, and curated consulting to educate and empower their clients to take control of the finances behind their businesses.

“Our goal is to constantly enhance our methods so that our clients are always more than satisfied with the results. Rather than having to handle the financial management processes themselves, our team diligently works to ensure that it’s taken care of. As a result, our clients are able to get more time back, which allows them to focus on revenue-generating activities, other business ventures, or even spending time with their families.” Says Brady.

Brady’s business has taken off, which has inspired him to continue to innovate the ways in which he can help entrepreneurs. That being said, he’s working with developers on software that will house finance, accounting, and merchant processing solutions to encompass all needs.

“Helping entrepreneurs have more money and time is not as easy as it sounds, but if I can develop a system that makes it just 1% better for them, then I’m doing my part. Sure, I’m always going to strive to enhance the way we help entrepreneurs when it comes to finance, but it requires daily consistent progress. My team and I are committed to that, and I’m excited to see the future of Financial Automation.” States Brady.

Financial Automation is committed to helping entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom. Whether that’s through redoing the entire financial management process in their business or simply just enhancing it, Brady and his team are constantly refining the way they consult with their clients. While they deal primarily on the financial side, they are diligently building out a portion of their consulting structure that deals with business automation as well. Whether it pertains to system and process optimization, virtual assistant onboarding and implementation, or lead generation buildout, Financial Automation is branching out into more areas so they can best serve their clients. 

Their structure works like a cycle – analyze the business, optimize the current financial management processes to increase profits, optimize the current systems to streamline workflow, repeat. With Financial Automation serving their clients this way, they are giving them the clearest possible path to reaching financial freedom.

To find out more about Brady, you can follow him on Instagram @bradymorgan_. You can also learn more about Financial Automation on their Instagram @financialautomation.