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Creating a Successful Marketing Agency with Caleb Shore



Caleb Shore the creator of Shore Marketing Agency

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Caleb Shore, a marketing expert who created Conversion Stream, based in Nashville Tennessee. We discussed high-level marketing strategies as well as tips for people just getting started with their marketing agencies.


How did you first hear about digital marketing?

Caleb: Brenden Hufford had a blog I was first subscribed to back in 2012.  He was the first person I knew that made money online writing and sharing his story. Now I know its much more than that but it was very interesting to see someone get paid to create.  At that time I knew that’s what I wanted to do. Although, just like most of us, I failed to take action.  For a while. It was about 2014 when I first took a step in the right direction. I first created a few websites for family and friends.  It has grown from there but that’s where it all started. My top digital entrepreneurs right now are Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Ramit Sethi, Pat Flynn, and Noah Kagan.


What were some of the initial obstacles you had to face as a digital marketer and how did you overcome them?

Caleb: My first obstacle was to create a website for free for a local musician.  There was promise later (if it went well) that I would be paid but no guarantee.  Doing something for free and not going out on the weekend wasn’t my ideal scenario at 24.  I jumped right in. I knew I love creating and helping people in the online space and a website was the holy grail at the time.  I knew nothing about WordPress or SEO or anything like that but that’s how you learn.  

Your brain will try and stop you from getting out of your comfort zone, every day!  Keep in mind your brain is trying to protect you so staying “comfortable” is what it wants.  To be a successful entrepreneur you live outside of your comfort zone.   


What is the secret to a successful digital marketing agency that no one is talking about?

Caleb: In my opinion, you need to create content to be successful.  And stock images don’t count. I mean pressing record and talking into the camera or talking into a microphone, whichever you like better.  You are not going to be perfect when you start to put out 50+ videos/podcasts before judging yourself. From video/episode 1-50 you will get ALOT better.  At Conversion Stream we teach clients how to create content and we post-produce it at scale.


How can you get consistent leads for a cheap price?

Caleb: Do great work and constantly expand your network with networking events and meetups.  If you do great work people will refer your business, build testimonials quickly and gain a client base.  Other than that I enjoy creating custom video content that brings in a decent amount of leads for Conversion Stream.  Running ads obviously works as well but early on getting the systems and processes in place is key to scaling up.


What does your cold call/email format look like?

Caleb: Honestly don’t have a real system down for this yet.  I have dabbled with MailShake but with no real success.  I have had success doing Loom video messages to my target audience.  This is a free screen recording app that also records your face as well.  If people can see your face they have a stronger tie to end up buying from you.

Sending free tips on how to improve their website, for example.  Some websites don’t have an SSL certificate or a Facebook tracking pixel installed.  These are low hanging fruit for Conversion Stream.

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