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Entrepreneurial Journey with Ben Gothard



Entrepreneurial Journey with Ben Gothard

What’s your backstory?

“My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 20, a sophomore in college. In the fall of 2014, I got 2 phone calls on the same day that would change my life forever. My roommate and father both asked me to help them with their social media marketing. I said “of course! but don’t hire me, hire my company.

On December 19, 2014, Gothard Enterprises was born. That turning point marked the beginning of my journey into entrepreneurship and personal development, and my entire way of life started changing. I started reading more, speaking at my college, and realizing that anybody can turn their dreams into reality. For a few years building my company was fulfilling enough, but soon the desire to reach more people directly, not just helping clients, took hold of me. I didn’t know what it was going to look like at first, but soon I just got started and ended up writing.

After a year, on July 3, 2016, I published my first book. CEO at 20: A Little Book for Big Dreams​. The purpose of the book was to help normal people, just like you and me, turn our dreams into reality with practical advice, anecdotes, and research. The next 5 days, I manually reached out to every single person I had ever met and asked them to support me. I quickly ran out of contacts (big surprise there!), and realized that I needed to build my network and influence for further books. So, I decided to launch a community for entrepreneurs.

July 8, 2016, I thought it would be cool to name this group Project EGG: Entrepreneurs Gathering for Growth​. The plan was to bring together as many entrepreneurs as possible, listen to their problems, and solve them with my books. Naturally, I wanted to attract the best entrepreneurs to the group that I could find.

What I didn’t realize was how accessible these people were if you asked the right way, and once I started to see the caliber of business owners who were becoming a part of the group, a cool idea popped into my head. What would happen if I tried to interview these rockstars? I started to ask, and to my delight, they started to accept.

The Project EGG Show was born on July 27, 2016. And let me tell you, in the beginning, I had absolutely NO idea what to do. I just had a single magic question that I would use to land every interview, and then I’d wing it from there. Over time, however, I started to hone my craft and refine my strategies, and eventually, I figured out how to consistently book top-notch interview guests any time I wanted.

I’ve had the great privilege of interviewing some truly incredible people. For a complete list, you’d have to visit the Project EGG website, but some of the guests I’m most proud of having on the show include Grant Cardone, Patrick Bet-David, Pat Flynn, Kim Garst, Nicholas Kusmich, Rachel Pedersen, Rob Dial, Dr. Ivan Misner, Ryan Stewman, Joel Comm, Craig Ballantyne, Christian Hageseth, Clinton Senkow, Matt Ganzak, Holly Homer, Jonathan Lacoste, Dr. Terri Levine, Swish Goswami, Dan Doty and many more.

Since 2016, The Project EGG Show has published well over 100+ episodes and has, as of April 28, 2019, over 5,000 listeners per month. New podcast episodes are published every morning at 8 AM CST, and sporadically throughout the days M-F the latest episodes are live-streamed to over 15+ platforms. In addition, my community on social media has grown to over 20,000+ people.

I’ve been busy outside of Project EGG too, including becoming a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author in 3 different categories, launching a music festival in New Orleans, publishing 10+ more books, helping hundreds of businesses with their social media marketing, and building 5 companies, the latest of which is revolutionizing the payment processing industry.

I’m 24 years old at the time of writing this. If there’s one thing I can say for sure, it’s that I’m just getting started.


What techniques and methods do you use day to day to stay continuously motivated, focused and proactive when fear, hardships, and procrastination have the best of you?

As cliche as it may sound, I journal. And not just light journaling, like intense journaling throughout the day. I try to start and end every single day with gratitude journaling because it gets me activated in the morning and gives me a great note to end on at night. I journal my inner thoughts, plans, emotions, ideas, personal history, and just about everything else so that I can get it out of my system.

Why journaling, you ask? Well, by nature I’m probably the most optimistic human on the face of the planet. Seriously, if there was an Olympics for optimism I’d medal every time. And still, fear creeps in from time to time. I procrastinate. I struggle with my identity and knowing the right choices to make and feeling like I don’t have what it takes. All of those feelings do come around every once in a while. I journal to get them out of my system.

You see – I’m a firm believer that if you ignore something, it will get worse. So I do my very best to tackle all of the bad stuff head-ons and overcome it by identifying it, acknowledging it, labeling it, and letting it go down in between the lines of my trusty journal where I’m confident it will stay. I journal for my sanity and mental health because I CANNOT afford to be walking around all day with brain trash.

So, by writing it all down, I can get it out. Not only that, but I journal about all of the incredible aspects of life too, and then I revisit those parts! The plans, the victories, my ever-evolving philosophies – all of these things that I’m documenting become a part of my library of knowledge. One that I will pass on to the world. Because I write them all down, they become real, and I take power from seeing my dreams turn into reality.


What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is probably different from most peoples’. To me, success is complete freedom in every sense and continued growth. The ability to travel at will, do what you want, not do what you don’t want, etc. You see, I believe most people are either fear bound, time-bound, geographically bound, relationally bound, financially bound, spiritually bound, intellectually bound or some combination of those. To me, you’ve “made it” when the chains that shackle the many don’t shackle you, and you are free to roam this Earth doing whatever it is that you want to do whenever you want to do it. No exceptions in the slightest.

The other side of that is continued growth and expansion in every area of your life. I work very very hard every single day to ensure the freedom of my family for generations to come through multifaceted growth.


How will you continue to grow and succeed?

I will constantly pursue growth in every area of my life. My mentor taught me that there are 7 key disciplines in life: financial, industrial, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, relational and physical. In order to truly continue growing and become successful, I believe one must expand in every discipline through a ruthless commitment to personal development. Every single day I push myself further and aim for 1% growth. Over time that growth compounds, and I’ve found that I can absolutely create the life that I want by consistently pushing forward and never quitting.

Ben Gothard 

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