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Exclusive Interview with Dwayne Foreman, Founder of ShootYourShot Dating App



Dwayne Foreman

In a world of millions of entrepreneurs and creators, it is no news that tens of thousands of new products are released every day. These products range from books to songs to movies to consumables to applications and softwares. In this interview, we look at Dwayne Foreman, one such entrepreneur, and creator in the dating and relationship industry. He very jovially responds to questions that will reveal what he and his team look to bring to the dating atmosphere.

So, what is your company in 2–5 words?

For the people, by the people. Whoops! That’s 6, isn’t it? Haha

Oh yes, it was. Now, in a few sentences, what do you offer? And to whom?

We offer a cultural dating experience like no other. As previously mentioned, we are the people, the people are us, and we intend to have that reflected within our dating platform. Think of asking the typical millennial of putting together a list of modern dating features within their dream dating app combined as one. That is us, Shoot Your Shot Dating.

Alright. But why is now the time for your company to exist?

I feel like, over the past few years, dating online has taken a turn for the worst. Most importantly, I feel like it’s no longer fun. It seems like it’s become some sort of “job” that has to be “done,” almost like a chore. I completely understand that people lead busy lifestyles and are now looking for instant gratification. However, we’ve have taken it so far that it now negatively affects our dating lives.

At the moment, a lot of dating platforms are taking away the whole experience of traditional dating and turning it into almost an arranged dating experience as if we’re robots of some sort. It’s no longer organic, and it’s more like fast food now. It’s like we’re at Starbucks, but instead of ordering a latte, we’re like “lemme get that girl over there is a size large with extra knowledge and a little bit of crazy sprinkled on the side” and there it is, delivered to you instantly. I call it Processed Dating. Haha. It seems funny when you think about it, but that’s what it has come to, and this defeats the whole purpose of Dating.

In life, with anything you do, the process is the most important part. You have to fall in love with the process. That means having fun, making those mistakes, being vulnerable, getting out there, and “Shooting Your Shot” and missing until you finally find the person for you. This is how you learn, and the most important key to success in all aspects of life.

This is the perfect time for Shoot Your Shot Dating to step in and literally make dating fun again. We provide a dating platform consisting of excitement, challenge, and, most importantly, a real genuine unbiased dating experience for everyone.

What do you love about your team, and why are you the ones to solve this problem?

My favorite part about working with this team of mine is knowing that they are a reflection of our company’s core ideas, beliefs, and values. We came here to solve a problem, and contrary to popular belief about dating platform creators, that problem is not about difficulties in landing a date. None of us have a problem in that area, and that’s is exactly why we are the perfect ones to come and shake up the industry.

We came to sprinkle some seasoning on the online dating community and make dating fun again. We’re listening to what the people want, and we will deliver just that. We are here to represent the culture and give the ones who usually feel lost on the typical dating platforms somewhere they can relate to and call home.

What’s the biggest threat to your business?

The copy cats. You know, the culture vultures who tend to watch, copy and run with it as if it was their own. That’s the reason we’re not just building a dating platform but a community as a whole. When people know the real you, the real team, your culture, and your background, you will have their loyalty.

How do you build and develop talent and elevate people to be at their very best? How does the company continue to invest and grow people to be at their very best?

Simply put, leading by example. We work hard and play harder. The people around me see my work ethic on a daily basis. When you eat, breathe and sleep your hustle, and that is all that’s around you 24/7, you begin to inspire others around you as well.

We’ve created an environment in which we’re motivated by each other. We focus and lock-in. We are driven by our each other’s actions displaying dedication, consistency, efficiency, and discipline.

What inspired you to start the company? It’s usually really insightful to learn about the founder’s story, especially if you can discover the “why.”

I actually got started with Shoot Your Shot as a Dating platform in 2014. At that time, I was fresh out of college in my early 20’s and parting 247. I met a plethora of night lifers and rubbed elbows with people of all different backgrounds and walks of life who eventually became friends or close associates.

Having spent a lot of time at outings with friends of both genders, I noticed some of my guy friends would always throw hints and take interest with girlfriends of mine. It would usually be girls they had seen me with the night before, and they’d ask me questions like “Wow, Dwayne, who was that girl you were with last night, are they single?!”. I’d jokingly say something like, “Well, why don’t you go find out?” They’d usually laugh it off, but deep down, I knew they were 100% crushing but didn’t have that confidence to go up to the girl and risk being turned down. They’d usually ask me to put in a word for them, and I’d usually do it. I was essentially the “middle man.”

That’s when it hit me if I were to play the middle man and connect people, which I was pretty dam good at, then why not get paid for it? With that in mind, I took action!

My very first domain at had already been purchased, and I wasn’t in the best financial situation to buy a new one. So I actually set up a “Contact Us” form field labeled Shoot Your Shot Dating on the webpage. I would tell everyone within this enormous network I had built to give it a shot. They would go to visit the site online at their convenience and send messages to mutual friends of ours who’d they’d been crushing on. I’d then relay the message to the designated receiving party for a small fee. It was just a side hustle and fun at the time, but people were really paying and actually connecting, which motivated me to take it to another level.

That is how Shoot Your Shot Dating was born. Fast forward to a couple of years later, I begin the constant grind of putting together all the pieces to prep what we now know as the Shoot Your Shot Dating App & Services.

What makes your app “Shoot Your Shot Dating” different from the dating apps we have out there?

The Shoot Your Shot Dating App is here is to change the game. Shoot Your Shot was created by millennials who are in the dating scene and know modern-day dating from the first-hand experience. We know what’s LITT and what’s NOT IT! This is not a dating app based on fancy algorithms created by a random who can’t get a date or someone with money whose well beyond their dating years looking to create a dating platform. No shade, but we are in the game, and most importantly, we strive to bring fun and inclusiveness back into the dating world with our unique combination of today’s latest and greatest dating trends and urbanity.

Any last words for people who might be interested in trying online dating again through this novel app?

Love knows no boundaries, neither do we, and we invite you to experience it for yourself! As we are still in the pre-launch phase of Shoot Your Shot Dating, you will need to join the waitlist for free. We already have several thousand people like you who’ve signed up already, anxiously awaiting the launch date, and we won’t be disappointed. Go visit right now to join the waitlist, where you’ll be notified of the big release date!

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