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From Sand to snow by Sherif Shaker. A story of an Egyptian traveller living in Canada



From Sand to snow by Sherif Shaker. A story of an Egyptian traveller living in Canada

Sherif Shaker is an Egyptian blogger living in Ottawa, Canada. Sherif is a fresh graduate from the University of Ottawa, currently working in the digital marketing industry. He is a videographer and director. Previously this year, he created an amazing video about his journey and his decisions, to immigrate from the sand in Egypt, to the snow in Canada.


This made me curious as to why he chose to do this, as normally everyone is trying to escape the cold and move to the sun instead.


I had the chance to speak with him and ask him a couple of questions

First of all, let’s start with the video itself


Who do you usually get your inspiration from?

Jordan taylor / Taylor cut film  is definitely the creator/director who inspired me the most with his unique travel videos. He motivated me to get started and dig deeper in the videography industry.

I also really admire Sam Kolder’s work. Personally , I think he is the best in this field right now 


Where did the video take place? 

The shooting of this video took place between different places in Egypt and Canada, as I wanted to show the difference in cultures and its different aspects.


Which cameras/equipment do you use while filming?

I use the most basic equipment ever,  I have a Nikon D3400 with a moza aircross stabilizer and recently I bought a Mavic Pro drone. I believe that the equipment you use shouldn’t limit you. If you have the talent and you’re a good storyteller, the sky is the limit. People nowadays use their iPhones and still create great videos.


Did you take all the video shots by yourself?

Yes, all the shots are usually mine, but sometimes I film with other videographers and we share the footage we shoot and use it together in a project. 

Egypt building shot by Sherif Shaker


Thank you for these answers about the technical part.


Now I am curious about your motives, I would love to know more about why you decided to move to Canada


Why did you choose to immigrate to Canada?

I chose Canada to have more independence and get out of my comfort zone

I think Canada is one of the reasons that helped me grow my creativity. Personally, when I first came as a visitor, I decided to continue my studies at the University of Ottawa to gain high academic standards, quality education. Canada attracts me as a multilingual country. As a videographer and blogger, I realized there are many things to explore and discover here. “It literally motivates to get up every day and go visit new places whenever I got time on my hands.” 

I loved the lifestyle here and I still do but now I am focusing on building a career in this country.

Sherif Shaker in the dessert in Egypt

Sherif Shaker in Ottawa, Canada.

How old were you when you immigrated to Canada?

I moved to Ottawa, Canada when I was 18 years old.


Which country do you like better in Canada or Egypt?

I can’t say I like one more than the other, both countries are beautiful. Each country has its own perks. Egypt has its culture, history, traditions, and civilization. Canada has its beautiful nature, diversification in nationalities and cultures.


Do you miss anything from Egypt?

Sherif Shaker riding a camel in Egypt

I really miss the energy. All Egyptians know that Cairo is the city that never sleeps. The best thing about Egypt is that streets are never unfilled, you will never be the only one hanging around at 2 Am. People are extremely active 24/7. You notice it more at night, we usually go out and stay up late and ALWAYS find places that are open to eat, drink, chill with friends, or even party. While we all realize that the majority of countries become dead around 7 Pm.

I also miss the warmth, which is scarcely found abroad. Egyptians are very helpful, friendly, and sociable. I miss the Beaches as well. They are just amazing with crystal clear waters and thrilling views. And I DEFINITELY miss my family and friends from back home the most.


Great, thank you for your time and answers, hopefully, you can inspire a lot of people with your story.

If you want to learn more about Sherif Shaker you can check him out on Instagram & his YouTube




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