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From The Corporate World To Living The Laptop Lifestyle



From The Corporate World To Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Ever since entrepreneurship became a thing, we have been inspired to trade in our monotonous 9-5’s and free ourselves of the corporate chains in pursuit of that lifestyle of sipping fresh coconut water while productively tapping away on our laptops around the globe.

 It’s a vision that has captivated many but very few have been able to achieve it. 

And if there’s one person that understands it all too well is entrepreneur and businessman, Brandon L. Johnson, CEO of No Bad Days LLC.

I had a chance to sit down with Mr. Johnson to learn more about his company and brand, #NoBadDays,  and what it truly means to be in control of your life.

What Motivated You To Start Your Company & Get Into The World of Entrepreneurship? 

“I’ve always known that having this type of freedom was not going to be easy to obtain but I am someone who believes in taking control of the things that I like and I want. You only get one life to live. You should do the things you want and live out all of your most desired experiences. I just believe we weren’t put on earth to work extremely hard all our lives, pay our bills and die.” 


When Did You First Understand That You Were in Complete Control of Your Life?

“While traveling in Mexico last summer, I was supposed to be on vacation but I had some projects that needed to get done. And literally — just with my laptop and a good Wifi, all my work got done while relaxing right on the beach.”

“Today, I’m now able to wake up when I want, sleep when I want, travel where I want, whenever I want. To be able to live this type of life is truly a blessing but requires lots of discipline. With that much control, you are in charge of the way everything in your life turns out.” 


What’ Type of Mindset Do You Need In Order To Achieve The Laptop Lifestyle?

“It takes discipline, responsibility, and hard work. Over the years, I’ve trained my mind to never get too relaxed and always work on building my brand. Success is about consistency — day in and day out.” 


What’s The Secret When It Comes To Having a Strong Social Media Brand?

“In the last 15 years, I’ve been constantly learning about social media. I’ve been on social media for over 15 years now. Your online social media platform is like your own reality TV show. If you have something interesting for people to watch, then they will tune in. If you are boring than they will instantly go to the next person.” 

“You have less than 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention online and 5 seconds to keep their attention. This is the main reason why it’s very important to always give valuable Information and good quality content on your social media platforms. Which is one reason I started the no #NoBadDays movement. My company, and the now movement, #NoBadDays, turned in a lifestyle of traveling the world and living a life most people dream of. Even though we all have bad moments in life, the key is to never let those moments turn into bad days.”

So whether you’re looking to sip fancy drinks on the beach or travel the world with your family, we all have one thing in common. It is only by having a powerful mindset & a true desire to live out your dreams will you be able to achieve the American Dream and see #NoBadDays ahead.