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Givanne Nelson – Serial Entrepreneurship and New Opportunities



Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with a new up and coming entrepreneur, Givanne Nelson. He’s looking to change the conversation of technology and entrepreneurship in the African American community.


Hey Givanne, tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Givanne Nelson and I am a 24-year-old millennial marketer and programmer from New York City. I am co-owner and CEO of Digital marketing Agency Le Pale Shadow LLC and owner of automation startup named Internet Bots NYC.


What does serial entrepreneurship mean to you?

Billionaire Robert Smith detailed the perfect business model as “finding an arbitrage that you can take advantage of over a long period of time”. He essentially defined the older more practical way of creating a business that can survive over lifetimes.

Serial Entrepreneurship to me was created to cut down the time needed to develop a business such as the one Robert described. We find opportunities in new trends and build a business around it. Case in point the Dot Com Boom. During the 1990s, thousands of entrepreneurs jumped on the opportunity to develop a simple internet business and gain massive venture capitalist funding. That’s what it means to me, identifying a trend (opportunity) that will be emerging and building a business around it for profit.


What are you working on?

I’m working on building up the services in my marketing automation startup, Internet Bots NYC. The idea of being a one-stop shop for all online programming needs for marketing campaigns. This involves me currently looking to build up a team of experts in areas of Machine Learning, App Development, and SQL Database creation.


What are some past trends that were popular for entrepreneurs?

  • 1980’s- Yuppies of stock market investing
  • 1990’s- Internet boom
  • 2000’s- Real estate Investing
  • 2010’s – Everything digital (Crypto, Social media, Apps, etc.)


How do you spot emerging trends?

There are many ways, in my opinion, to spot a potential trend but to spot a profitable one requires simple awareness. What I mean about that is simply all you really have to do is follow what some of the bigger known serial entrepreneurs are investing in or follow what Fortune 500 companies place their bets on.


What are some emerging trends that you see?

We are in the age of technology take over. It is very similar to those old science fiction movies:

  • Automation – Both Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Commercial space travel
  • App development
  • Cloud computing
  • Virtual reality
  • Augment reality


What’s one trend that excites you?

Before this year it would be the increased usage of automation but as of last month, it is The Billionaire Space Race. I’m a huge fan of everything Elon Musk and now the world is seeing the life-changing genius that he brings to the future of humanity. Now it’s grown so large that other nations are entering the pool along with other billionaires around the world. It’s a big trend that can be highly profitable if you can capture even 1% of the market.


Views on automation

As a programmer and a lover of technology, I am all for A.I. taking over the market. However, as a human being I see the issues this will present. We can look back to the inclusion of apps in the market that has changed the job market. For example, Uber & Lyft. They completely changed the market for the taxi/cab industry. Ironically enough their industry is going to change further with Elon Musk’s new plan for self-driving cars/trucks, Amazon’s new usage of drones and the fast food industries usage of kiosks/machinery to replace standard workers.


How would someone get into an emerging industry?

The best way is through self-education in all forms. For me, this meant getting a mentor that understands the industry better than you. Taking classes on the said industry, pick up books on the industry, look up online content on the industry, and last and most importantly following someone who is already capitalizing on the industry. You have to really dive headfirst into learning all you can and meeting all the right people to become successful in it.


Any last advice?

Entrepreneurship is a really hard journey so I like to always express these 4 pieces of advice:

  • Never stop believing in yourself.
  • Keep your eyes open for new opportunities.
  • Invest in self-education.
  • Share your knowledge with others.