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How Byron Sakha Inspires People to Make Positive Lasting Change



How Byron Sakha Inspires People to Make Positive Lasting Change

Byron Sakha is an Australian Master Coach, Speaker, and Trainer who has helped countless individuals and businesses remove the roadblocks that are holding them back from achieving their highest vision of success. He helps in a number of disciplines, including; leadership, sales, business development, personal empowerment, relationships, health, and wellbeing.

KivoDaily reached out to him to get his thoughts on how people can make positive changes in their lives.

1) What is your plan to inspire and change lives?

Look, there are people who have been trying to find themselves for years. I respect the quest, but I’ve created a fast track to personal and professional transformation and that’s what I’m inspired to share with the world. And by the way, getting to the center of ourselves is so much easier than what’s commonly believed.

2) How will your new book be different from other self-help books that are already out there?

My book, tentatively titled, The World is Your Mirror, Powerful Transformation from the Outside In takes one of the most popular paradigms—we should look within for personal insights—and accelerates the process by first identifying what we should be looking for.

When we view the world and everyone in it as our individualized mirror, everything and everyone is a reflection of our own strengths and weaknesses, success and failure. This initiates immediate awareness, which provides us with information that we can consciously work with.

To make it as simple and straightforward as possible, the book includes a 12-month transformational program that addresses the most common limitations that people place on themselves and shows how to use the “outside-in” approach to get to the center of those limitations and disable the program that’s running them.

This transforms internal issues as well as it does our physical bodies and health. We work on the outer and the inner simultaneously because one enhances the other. We look out to see what’s not working in our favor and then we look in at the belief or limitation that’s at the core of what’s not working.

3) For those wanting to make the maximum impact in terms of positive change this year, what is your number one thing that they should be focusing on?

Specify the positive changes you will make in the upcoming months and make a detailed list of how each of the changes will benefit you when you achieve them and as you are working toward their achievement. When we have a clear and precise vision of what we’re setting out to do, we maximize our ability to resist short-term distractions and fleeting gratifications along the way. With a clear vision, we can also see that the challenges we will most certainly face are opportunities to learn and grow.  What are they showing us and how can we best respond? One of the biggest hindrances to personal and professional transformation is wishing or believing that achieving our goals should be easy. But it’s storms that teach us how to be the best captains of our own ships.

4) Let’s talk about the toxic things we should be giving up in order to change ourselves. We know letting go can be painful, but what are some of the things we all need to be ready to set free in order to achieve our goals?

The biggest cause of human suffering is the false comparison of our reality to a one-sided, all-positive fantasy. For example, most people fantasize about the upsides of a relationship or a business, but then when they inevitably experience some of the downsides or challenges, they think something has gone wrong. But the truth is that positive and negative forces are inseparable, just like the positive and negative charge of a magnet is inseparable. This is the whole concept of yin and yang which so many people mistakenly think are opposing each other, but in actuality, they are complementing each other.

So the more we seek only positive situations, the more we will suffer because we are chasing an illusion that is unobtainable. No one who has achieved great success did so with all positive experiences along the way. Instead, most successful people have had to overcome major challenges, which are precisely what enabled them to develop the qualities to achieve great results.  

5) Please leave us with some final thoughts . . .

When you set foot toward any goal or vision, consider the likely challenges that you’ll encounter. This gives us foresight and the ability to strategically plan, rather than being caught off-guard when challenges inevitably arise. Strategic planning helps us identify upfront the necessary, skills, knowledge and tools that are going to be required. It also gives us a chance to work out if we truly want and are prepared to work for a particular goal, or whether the idea is just something we fancy. Being aware of what you need to learn and the personal sacrifices required to achieve your goals allows you to take challenges in stride and keep your energy focused on the work that needs to be done.

You can find Byron Sakha on his website and via Instagram.

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