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How Julie Haught Built A 7-Figure Company By Helping Her Dog Recover



How Julie Haught Built A 7-Figure Company By Helping Her Dog Recover

Entrepreneur and inventor of No Flap Ear Wrap, Julie Haught, was able to turn her smart invention into an empire. One day her dog Archer had an ear injury so the vet gave him the traditional ear wrap but Haught noticed he was very uncomfortable in it and would always escape from it. That is why she created her own ear wrap for Archer, all she did was sew some velcro and fleece together. Her vet was so impressed that she applied for a patent right away. Now, Haught is running her family-owned business and together they have sold over 65,000 ear wraps that will help dogs all over the world. Here is how she started.


In your own words, what’s your story? How did you get to where you are today?

I’m a proud homemaker. Inventing the No Flap Ear Wrap was kind of a lucky accident.

The first No Flap Ear Wrap was designed for Archer (our rescue boxer). Archer had an ear injury and kept escaping the traditional vet wrap. This allowed him to flap his ears and push blood down through the compromised tissue, which stopped the ear from healing. With a few failed attempts at other healing implements that were interfering with Archer’s playtime, eating habits, and did not stay in place with regular movement, I decided to design a particular ear wrap out of some fleece fabric and velcro. 

I brought it to our vet, she liked it, was impressed at how Archer has healed, and she encouraged me to get a patent attorney and make it into a real business. Our first sale was in 2014, and fast forward to now, we have currently sold over 65,000 ear wraps.

I would say I will never make it here without the support of my nuclear team: my family and my first “colleagues”. 


What happened next and what did you learn from that? 

Julie decided that if the vet wrap wasn’t working, she would bust out the sewing machine and make her own wrap with a skeletal system sewn in. Her wrap ended up working, and the product was born. Julie made it her responsibility to share this product so that injured dogs like Archer are able to heal properly.


Any last words of advice for readers?

If there are other accidental inventors out there, don’t leave your work sitting in a closet. Share it with others and see where the road leads. Spend the money on a patent attorney. It is worth it. Lastly, always remember that you can’t succeed if you don’t even try.

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