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How Nick Peist & FanTazTech Flipped The IT Industry Upside Down



How Nick Peist & FanTazTech Flipped The IT Industry Upside Down

Last weekend there was an Entrepreneurship networking event at Muhammad Ali’s Old House In Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The event was a huge success, connecting high performing people from all over the place in all different spaces together, get enough people in a room and big things will happen. While walking around I came Across Nick Peist, A Name I had been hearing consistently, and we got to talking. Nick told me about his different business ventures, past experiences, interests, etc, I was blown away with his insight into the IT space, as well as how well-spoken and just overall generous this man was. After learning all about his company and their mission, I just had to share it to the public. I asked for Nick to sit down for an interview & the rest is history!


Hey Nick, how old are you, where are you from, and what do you do?

Thanks for having me Joe! I’m 22 Years Old, I’m From Lawrenceville NJ & I Am The Founder & CEO of FanTazTech.


Did/do you go to college?

Went to college for 2 years at La Salle University but wasn’t fond of it as the sophomore year I started FanTazTech and that occupied much of my time as went to a class here and there. 


What motivated you to be an entrepreneur?

The ability to have the freedom and enjoy life a little bit different.


What made you get into the IT space?

When I was very young I was always fascinated by technology being my first computer was a Gateway and I was taking the hard drive and RAM out and putting it back together. Then I started working at the schools’ tech center in 7th and 8th grade and finally in high school my sophomore year working at a biotech company in their help desk department learning from there. From there grew my knowledge over the next few years as well as taking online courses. 


What inspired you to start your company FanTazTech?

When I was in college, I actually had four years of experience doing corporate IT. There are a lot of people who are currently taking courses in technology who want to start doing stuff, and that’s why we have this platform where a person can say, ‘On my time when I want, I can offer tech support. I can do what I enjoy but not be committed to a 40-hour workweek.


What’s the company’s mission?

To provide affordable & timely support to consumers at home without being inconvenienced by long wait times or going in person or waiting for someone to come to you.


IT has gotten a bad rep in the past, why is that and why is Fan TazTech Different?

Many IT scams exist that occur in several ways.

Some of the most common are: receiving a random call from a tech claiming to be from Windows Support Team saying that they have been alerted that the consumer’s computer is infected and they can fix it right away. After asking the naive consumer for their credit card the tech will charge an outrageous amount and leave the customer hanging without fixing the issue. Another common scam is when a consumer googles for tech support and clicked on a random ad that says a big popup your computer is infected,  click here to download. The consumer would think their computer problems are about to go away when they just got worse. That download usually contains a virus or a remote software that allows a hacker or some fake tech to install malicious malware or code into the consumer’s computer.

Numerous attacks come in different forms but FanTazTech is here to end it all to help consumers regain trust in their tech and not be afraid to ask for help as well as to educate consumers. Even though current solution’s such as GeekSquad or HelloTech offer tech support and have a name for themselves in the IT world, they cause the customer a ton of inconveniences such as having to wait on hold for long period of times only to be transferred to another rep, or having a customer wait for some random technician to come to your house which could take days. All these inconveniences can be avoided by using FanTazTech.

With FanTazTech it’s as simple as downloading the app and picking a task such a PC Support or TV Support. After filling out a few quick questions, the customer will be presented with the price of the service being a set price, no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions. Just a one time fee. After submitting the job request, it will be sent to all available techs who are U.S. based, background checked and who have 5+ years of IT experience so we ensure you get you to tech right away that can solve your problem.

Within the first 5 minutes, tech and customer can video chat where the customer can explain their issue to the tech & the tech will be able to visually see what is going wrong to cause your issues. A common issue is when a rep says something like “ please unplug the black cable” customer says, “which one there are 5 of them”. Now being able to visually see the issue as if the tech was there in person makes a world of a difference when walking a customer through an issue. FanTazTech if the new on-demand remote tech support service that offers support 24/7.


What are your 3 core principles?

  1. Honesty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Respect


What is your favorite book and why?

“Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson as it shows in life a very simple principle of being proactive, not reactive. To always stay positive in the worst of situations and to keep moving forward to find a solution. 


What would you tell an aspiring entrepreneur in high school right now?

Step foot into every opportunity possible and don’t be afraid to fail as once you realize you have nothing to lose you become unstoppable. To become successful fail twice as fast because once you realize and try something new and you don’t like it you move on to the next thing. You make a mistake at work or with trying something new and mess up, great you learned something new that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t mess up now you can move forward and apply the knowledge of what didn’t work to find out what does work or what you do enjoy.


What does your endgame look like?

FanTazTech being to be the largest on-demand tech support platform ran by U.S. based independent contractors that support consumers at home. In addition to license FanTazTech’s platform to Universities and Companies to use an on-premium help desk solution.


What Do You Want Your Legacy To Be?

Legacy to be remembered as always giving others an opportunity to succeed even when others doubted them because I knew what it felt like when everyone doubted me. To have one person believe in you changes your mindset on everything and motivates you to work hard so being remembered and believing in others and being kind is all I need to be remembered for.


One Last thing Nick, How can people get in contact with you?

DM me @NickPeist on IG I use for connecting and networking with people or on LinkedIn I am available. 

Nicks a modest individual, to say the least, his company FanTazTech Is going to completely flip the IT world upside down, and finally give people a viable option for IT tech support. Entrepreneurship Events bring people together & I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him, and I won’t spoil the rest but get connected with Nick & follow the journey because some big things are about to roll out!

Joe Staiber Is The CEO Of Staiber Consulting - A consulting company that specializes in both paid and organic lead generation channels as well as public relations. Joe has amassed over 350k followers on social media and helped his clients generate millions in revenue through media awareness and lead acquisition consulting.